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Marginalized People And Their Society Essay

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“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty,” said Mother Teresa. Humanity has struggled against being left alone and being lonely for a long time. As a result, humans formed a society where they could be together. On the other hand, there are still people who are left out of the society. In other words, there are still people out there who are marginalized, not accepted fairly to the society. John Steinbeck shows the marginalized people’s lives in his novel, Of Mice and Men. In his novel, characters such as Lennie, George, Candy, Curley’s wife, Crooks, and even the ranch workers, are marginalized from the society. Ranch workers like George, Candy, and Lennie have nowhere to go, and they do not have anybody to care for them. Especially for Lennie, he is mentally challenged, too. Crooks, being the colored man, suffers from discrimination. Curley’s wife is constantly surrounded with loneliness. In Of Mice and Men, marginalized people who are neglected from the society, create a society of their own; they share their dreams and help each other out although they are all different from each other.
Lennie and George are the ones with the most stable relationship. George, poor and homeless, and Lennie, with all that plus his challenged mental, are ones that can hardly be thought to be happy in their society. However, they are more to the happy side. The existence of a partner makes them go to the happier side. They have been together for a very long time, since they were little. Lennie always have obeyed to what George said, and George took good care of Lennie most of the time. They have the most connection, which are sharing their dreams and helping each other. They have a future planned out for them; they talk about their future;they say that they are going to “live off the fatta the lan’.”(14) Several people on the ranch do tell Lennie and George that there had been too many guys who had a future planned out, living on their own land. However, not many men have traveled around together nor planned a future together. This makes Lennie and George’s relationship, unique, and the aspect makes the whole connection able to be called as friendship. Furthermore, they create a more closer friendship, like a family, looking after each other. George always tells Lennie what to do, talks instead of him, and leads the duo. Lennie, although he is not bright, always cares for George, and is determined to look after George when he is physically in trouble.(72) The two’s deep link shows itself until the end of the story. George shoots Lennie in his head himself. Shooting somebody in his/her head makes it a less painful and quicker death, although shooting one in his/her guts makes it a long, painful death, bleeding to death. Curley has openly declared that he would shoot Lennie in his guts. George cares about Lennie and decides shooting Lennie himself and giving him a quick death would be a better choice. George cannot get...

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