Marie Antoinette: Praised Princess To Condemned Queen

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Marie Antoinette was an Austrian princess born in Vienne, Austria. Her birth name was Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, but many just called her Marie Antoinette. Her mother, Maria Therese, was the head of state. Maria Therese had all the power and for that reason was a little firm with her children. Her husband, Marie’s father, Francis I was just a figure with not much else. His position is much like the first lady they have in the United States. Marie was the fifteenth child of Maria and Francis. Marie was also the youngest of the daughters and was both doted upon and ignored. She was given everything she wanted and her education was left alone because her mother assumed that Marie being the youngest and with so many before her, Marie would never be used for anything. That was before the smallpox hit, wiping out much of the sisters before Marie. The agreement was one of Maria’s children for one of Louis the 15th’s children. After children deaths on both sides of the agreement, Marie and Louis the 16th were left. At the tender age of 14 Marie was told she was to travel from her home to France to marry a man she had never met.
She was shipped off to France, accompanied by two of her friends. They arrived at the designated place on the border and found a long tent running from Austria to France. Her friends were turned away and Marie was set to tears. They stripped Marie of everything and she, buck naked had to continue on down the tent to be dressed on the French side in French made clothing and accessories. She was then put in a carriage to be taken farther down to be greeted by her new family. Louis 16th was shy and did not meet her as graciously as is custom and his father remarked about her figure and approved. Marie Antoinette faced many problems when she ascended the throne of France such as the French aristocratic society spending lavishly, France’s depression, and the rebellion against those with power.
Marie Antoinette moved to France, leaving behind a blissful childhood and entered an unhappy marriage. Her husband, Louis 16th, was described as timid and quiet. Marie was described as loud, graceful, and charismatic, all things that scared Louis 16th. She scared him so that he did not consummate the marriage for seven years. This, according to experts, turned Marie to the rich, glamorous life of the French court. The French court was, at the time, described as a fairy tale. Marie had always loved music and excelled in dance and here, she shows it. She both hosted and attended hundreds of balls. She spent lavishly on dresses and such finery and soon became the trend setter for France and many women spend as much if not more trying to keep up with her. Marie made a few friends with whom she spent a lot of time and money with. They spend as much as they desired without thinking of the consequences and often were told to remember their budget. They, of course, spent no more than anyone else in their position and that, experts believe, is...

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