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Marie For The Weekend Essay

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Marie for the Weekend
I was recently given the opportunity to take home a baby. No, not a real, breathing baby, a computerized system that was meant to be treated like a baby. And so I did, I treated it like a live baby; I was so ecstatic about this opportunity, I even had this class planned since the beginning of my freshman year. And now, I finally got to experience the life of being a teen mom for a weekend. In the days I had Marie, I learned how exhausting, difficult, and stressful it was to be taking care of not only myself, but someone that relied on only me at the same time. However I also felt this was a rewarding activity.
Marie always started acting up at the most inopportune moments. I would be on my way into the car and, what is that I hear? A crying sound? Yes, my baby would need me, therefore I had to make a quick decision to either hustle into the car or stand in the cold and figure out what she was needing. I knew if I didn’t make the decision quickly, I would be the only one to suffer the consequence in this situation because the baby wasn’t alive. This part of the experience would have to be defined as the difficult part.
The most exhausting part about having a newborn child to care for was waking up every two hours or less, which strikes me as surprising that I could actually hear the baby when she was fussy knowing that I do not wake up easily. Before this activity began, I was very nervous, or you could say frightened, that I would not be able to keep up with trying to get some sleep and caring for the baby; I knew I would get very tired throughout the weekend which scared me to think that I would not be able to hear the soft sounds she or he would make. Nevertheless, I was able to. Marie’s cries, whimpers, and chimes were basically trapped inside my head to the point that those sounds would be the only thing...

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