Marijuana: A Lucid View On The Legalization

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Although Marijuana is currently illegal and can also bring some harm to the body, it isn't any more harmful than alcohol or tobacco. It actually can be beneficial to the human body. In addition, it has the potential to have huge tax revenue benefits. That could be helpful seeing that the US National Dept is $17 Trillion dollars, and is growing. Legalizing marijuana may not get the US out of dept, but with marijuana popularity growing, there is no reason the federal government shouldn't legalize, tax an regulate the sell of Marijuana for recreational use.
If marijuana is so harmful, would doctors recommend it for their own patients as a form of medicine? I sure would hope not. The reason they do is because it can be beneficial. Marijuana has been found to help people with multiple sclerosis, helping with the painful muscle spasms that come with having it (Kilmer 103). In addition, cannabis has also been found to help with migraines. Since medical marijuana has been legalized in California, doctors have reported to treat up to 300,000 cases of migraines that conventional medicine couldn't do (Activist). Have you ever seen the commercials for the side effects of some medicines? The commercials go on for a good thirty-seconds listing all of them, diarrhea, increased heart rate, temporary blindness, just to name a few. Oh and if you have thoughts of suicide, call your doctor. Smoking marijuana has actually even helped with depression. USC and SUNY Albany did a study on addictive behaviors on 4,440 people in 2005 and found that people who smoked marijuana daily or occasionally had lower levels of depression symptoms than those who never smoked marijuana (Smith,Dave). Some will still argue that smoking marijuana is bad for your lungs. So is sitting around a camp fire with friends and breathing in smoke. Besides, smoking marijuana isn't the only way for it to enter the body. Marijuana can be made into butter or oil and used to cook food with. Once the food is cooked, it can then be consumed without the effects that smoking marijuana would have. If you think you could eat too much marijuana and overdose, think again. Marijuana overdose is “highly” unlikely. A study has shown animals can eat up to 30% of their own body weight in marijuana. That is equal to a 160 pound person eating 48 pounds of weed at on time(Christensen). Furthermore, marijuana can be vaporized, making it a cleaner to inhale. People smoke marijuana more than consume it. So people will have effects from smoking marijuana. That isn't going to stop people from doing it though.
Just like people that smoke marijuana, people that smoke tobacco and drink alcohol know what harm they're doing to them. They still make that choice to smoke and drink, even though according to the Journal of Psycopharmacolgy(the branch of psychology concerned with the effects of drugs on the mind and behavior[Google.]) alcohol is twice as harmful than pot and tobacco is five times(Armentano). If that isn't...

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