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Marijuana : A Plea For Its Legalization

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Marijuana is currently one of the many illicit drugs in the United States. This paper aims to disprove the rampant theory of the United States government that Marijuana has a purely recreational use by showing that Marijuana has more benefits not only the user but it could also benefit non users in the grand scheme of things and by showing that the criminalization of Marijuana is harmful to society itself.
Medical Cannabis, although opposed by the majority of national governments around the globe, has many well documented medicinal benefits. An example of the use of cannabis in medicine is the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. As shown by the research conducted by National Center for Biotechnology Information, THC, which is the active component in cannabis, was found to “prevent the formation of Alzheimer plaques in the brain more effectively than commercially marketed drugs”. These plaques are the reason why people with the Alzheimer disease suffer from both cognitive and memory loss (Eubanks LM, Rogers CJ, Beuscher AE). But that is not the only use for medical cannabis. In a study by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid or Complutense University of Madrid in English, it was found that the active chemicals in Cannabis “promote the death of brain cancer cells by essentially helping them feed upon themselves” (Salazar M, Carracedo A, Salanueva IJ); this eventually led to the tumors shrinking and thus the patients getting better. But why, if benefits have been shown through medical use of it, does the majority of the world’s government oppose both the research of it and criminalize it to the point where possession of it, depending on the amount, can land a person in jail anywhere from 1-15 years?
The answer to this question is the method by which marijuana is commonly used which is smoking. The FDA (The United States Food and Drug Administration) issued a statement stating that "marijuana has a high potential for abuse, has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and has a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision, furthermore, there is currently sound evidence that smoked marijuana is harmful” (Food and Drug Administration). The fumes that are caused thanks to combusted cannabis can eventually lead to lung cancer (like cigarettes which are currently legal) but because of safer methods already developed like vaporizers, which prevent the combustion and only the THC itself is inhaled, or edible marijuana in which nothing is inhaled and instead the marijuana itself is consumed in a form of pastry, this argument no longer holds any validity. There is also an important mention in a report by the American Medical Association (AMA) which is America’s largest physician group. The federal government was “urged to revise its stance that there are no medical uses for marijuana”. Basically there is no medically sound reason why marijuana shouldn’t be allowed other than the smoke itself which again is the same...

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