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Marijuana And Its Uses Throughout History

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The drug marijuana has been used since the ancient Chinese as an intoxicant, and is still in use today. The history of marijuana has a wide colorful history. From medical uses to recreational and sometime even used to make crude tools. It is much safer than almost all legal substances to date. Regardless of this the U.S. government still classifies it as a level one drug. This groups it in with such drugs as heroin and LSD.In 2737 BCEmperor Shen Nung is the considered to be the earliest reference on marijuana for medical uses. They used it for anything from Migraines to stomach ulcers. "The ancient Chinese knew of marijuana's pain-relieving and mind altering effects, yet it was not widely employed for its psychoactive properties; instead it was cultivated as hemp and for the manufacture of rope and fabric.It wasn't long before the uses of marijuana spread across Asia and into Europe. The Greeks along with the Romans used hemp for making clothing and sails for there ships. Not yet discovering marijuana's intoxicating effects. The Europeans main resource for marijuana was hemp, which is a very course very tough fiber. It was used primarily for making sails for ships.Marijuana was not only used as a commodity. The Indian culture used marijuana in their religious rituals. They believed it helped them have a deeper relationship with their god. It also wasn't long until the Arabians also figured out the healing agents of marijuana, using it to treat epilepsy.Today we have many uses for medical marijuana. It is used for relief from anxiety, pain, nausea, lack of appetite, obesity and neurological disorders. It relieves these symptoms by insufficient release of enocannabinoids. This helps to dull underlying chronic ailments and neurological insufficiencies. This means that the active ingredient in...

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