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Marijuana Being Legalized For Medicinal Purposes

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Marijuana being legalized for medicinal purposes is a very controversial issue. The article Pot for Pain? What're you smoking? by Meghan McCrossen and the article Law must allow medical marijuana, court rules by Jennifer O'Brien show two strong arguments for and against the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Some people believe that marijuana should not be used for medicinal purposes, because it can become addictive. Others believe that marijuana should be legalized because people suffering from chronic illnesses deserve the right to a treatment that will ease their suffering. These two articles using similar and different world views both hold valid information showing the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes.The Expositor has written an article Law must allow medical marijuana, court rules about a man named Terry Parker, who is suffering from epilepsy (a chronic illness). They support marijuana use for medicinal purposes like Terry's, because it can effectively alleviate symptoms of chronic illnesses, by controlling nausea, vomiting and seizures. Parker had been charged with possession and cultivation of marijuana; however, the court ruled in his favor. The article states that the court decided that the law should be put into writing to prevent unnecessary charges against sick people. The charges were dropped and Parker was grateful and glad to see the court sided with him and realized that it should be issued as a medical application. The court, along with many people suffering from chronic illnesses, are pleased that they are finally going to legally recognize marijuana as a medical treatment.There may be some advantages to using marijuana as a treatment. It is difficult for people not suffering from chronic illness, to be objective, and really understand what people who are afflicted with chronic illnesses are going through. Imagine being freed from pain and suffering, and being able to cope with your illness, allowing you to go out and enjoy life instead of being sick and bedridden. Marijuana can have negative side effects, but deciding whether or not someone who is suffering from a chronic illness should or should not be given the opportunity to explore every option available to help alleviate his/her symptoms is something that the Government should closely consider.In the article Law must allow medicinal marijuana court rules, Jennifer O'Brien develops her argument using both modern and post-modern worldviews. She focuses on the current laws in place about marijuana for medicinal purposes. Many cases attempting to charge someone with possession of marijuana have been thrown out of court if that person had a known chronic illness. This is a modern worldview because she looks towards the knowledge of the benefits of marijuana in order to develop her argument. She uses a post-modern worldview because she challenges the current laws and feels it should be the choice of the individual rather than the...

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