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Marijuana Can Qualify As Medical Usage

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Imagine having someone you know with a rare autistic genetic disorder that changes their behavior from being normal into self-inflicted rages in a second. This demeanor left one of Oregon family heartbroken and desperate to find a treatment for their son. 11-year-old Alex Echols suffers from tuberous sclerosis. Doctors say Alex’s disorder cause non-malignant tumors to grow in his organs, this led to autism, debilitating seizures and self-inflicted rage. To maintain Alex’s behavior, as the last resort to find solution for their son’s self-destruction, they decide to try a controversial treatment, medical marijuana. Following years Echols says, they were astounded with the result. Alex began to change drastically from a hyperactive and aggressive child, to being calm and relaxed (Mosbergen). This is just one of the medical stories connected with marijuana. Cannabis should be legalized for medical purpose on federal level. With all the opportunities available for treatment, this discovered is far from recent.
Cannabis has long been known as a medicinal plant. The latest findings of archeological cannabis are in a tomb in China in which contained sort of the medicine bag of a medicine man which included among other plants, marijuana. The tomb was carbon dated as almost 3000 years old (Viegas). The oldest actual written record of the use of cannabis as medicine is found in the writings of the Ayurveda medical culture of India, in going back to between 1100 BC -1700 BC. Cannabis is found in every major material medical that has ever been written that includes the Ebers Medical Papyrus from Egypt. It is also mentioned in the writing of Pedanius Dioscorides who was Roman Emperior Niro’s Doctor (Pedanius Dioscorides). His pharmaceutical moral was used for over a thousand years and it was used in the United States by pharmacist from 1854 until 1941 (Digest of). Cannabis’ medical use predates its recreational use. Evidence suggests that it was used throughout the world all of history by shamanists for religious or medical purpose. The culture of cannabis as medicine moved across the world, India was very big in the use of marijuana. It was from India where William Brooke O’Shaughnessy who works for the British East India Company picked up cannabis and brought it to the United Kingdom where apparently it was Queen Victoria’s favorite treatment for her menstrual cramps (William Brooke).
Ultimately cannabis made it to the U.S. in the early part of 20-century and most major drug companies at that time were producing cannabis medicine. Up until the early 20 century, cannabis was the second most commonly used medicine with the world. Cannabis can be found in patent medicines with familiar pharmaceutical names. It was only in 1937 when Congress enacted the Marijuana Tax Act, which affected marijuana use. It was the beginning of the end for marijuana as a medicine in the United States. In 1942 it was completely removed from the US Pharmacopeia formulary. Then,...

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