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Marijuana: Do You Know The Facts? When You Cut Out All The Non Factual Claims And Off The Wall Rumors, The Pro Argument Side For Marijuana Without Doubt Out Weighs The Cons.

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Marijuana: Do you know the facts?Pot. Weed. Mary Jane. Reefer Madness. We've all heard and read the negative accusations about the illegal narcotic drug, marijuana. So why is there still any debate on the legalization of this awful drug? Well I'll tell you why. When you cut out all the non-factual claims and off the wall rumors, the pro argument side for marijuana without doubt out weights the cons. In fact, marijuana has been proven to be safer then alcohol, and even tobacco. Nevertheless, it has always been portrayed as an undignified habit and has never been legal in the United States. That said, I urge those of you out there who uniformly refuse to consider the notion of legalizing dangerous drugs to keep reading. Until people know the real facts about marijuana, it will constantly be seen as degrading to the American Society."Marijuana is a more dangerous drug than heroin or cocaine. The drug is adhering to its old world traditions of murder, assault, rape, physical demoralization, and mental breakdown!" (Scientific American, 1928). While this quote was written over 75 years ago, the topic of marijuana is still a touchy issue for many people. There are scores of opinions, religious views, and prejudices swirling around drug use, as it tends to be a subject that people, one way or another, feel very strongly about. The unusual thing about this quote is that it was printed and distributed to the American public without any facts to back it up. During the time this was written, the drug culture in America was becoming a captivating trend. Seeing how popular marijuana was becoming, a large anti-marijuana campaign began to spread rapidly throughout the public. After pairing up with the government, this anti-marijuana campaign became known as "Reefer Madness", and many outrageous slogans and unrealistic rumors were spread among the communities. By 1931, at least 29 states had prohibited use of the drug for non-medicinal purposes. For the next few years the "Reefer Madness" campaign flourished, implanting the public to believe that it was a harmful and addictive drug that caused psychoses, mental deterioration, and violent behavior. In 1942, marijuana was removed from all U.S. pharmacies, and any possession of the drug was considered illegal. It was at this time that marijuana was given its negative value that is still attached to it today.So what happened that led up to this illegalization of marijuana? A hundred years ago, any of us could have walked to our neighborhood pharmacist and bought cannabis, or even cocaine, morphine and heroin over the counter. Well, the nineteenth century began as an era of repression, moral integrity and social control, and was pressed forward largely by the goal of eliminating alcohol from modern societies. With the new interest in the mind altering drug, marijuana, the prohibitionists saw another threat to the moral integrity and social control they were trying to...

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