Marijuana Has Its Advantages Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana is a very argued subject. Marijuana does have its pros and cons, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. A number of states have allowed legal marijuana but a bigger number of states have not allowed it. Marijuana should be legalized because it is a great contributor to the medical field, provides tax revenue, and decreases crime rates.
One reason to legalize marijuana is to help patients in the hospital. Many people do not know that marijuana is a good reducer to pain. Cannabinoids found in marijuana have been shown to be effective in reducing pain. Millions people are suffering from chronic pain, as of now the treatments they are using are not as ...view middle of the document...

The government would save money on funds that they currently devoting to arrest and imprisoning marijuana producers and consumers. Not only are we bringing in money but also saving money that the state already has.
Legalizing marijuana would decrease crime rates tremendously. Thousands of people are charged with violating anti- marijuana law every year. In 2005, 786,000 U.S citizens were arrested for violating anti- marijuana, the highest number on record. Majority of those people, 696,000 were charged with possession of marijuana and about 90,000 were charged with selling or manufacturing marijuana (Ford). That is an enormous amount of people getting jail time for marijuana. Instead of the government cracking down on marijuana, they need to more focused on bigger issues like murder, burglary, and kidnapping. Every year approximately 50,000 minors are charged with possession or manufacturing marijuana (Ford). The arrest to that minor results in a criminal record, also may not allow him or her for financial aid or for an education, and will stay on his resume for a lifetime and they should not have to live with that for the rest of their life when they were minors when charged. Researchers have found no evidence in increased crime such as homicide, rape, robbery, assault, and burglary and auto theft. Also researchers found decline in violence of homicides and assault after passing legalization of marijuana (Ferner). So why would we not legalize marijuana to make a decline in rates crime? Weed is a great giver to the medical...

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