Modern Liberalism And Marijuana Legalization Essay

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What would a modern liberal say about the Canadian government legalizing cannabis? Before answering this question we should look at what modern liberalism is. Modern liberalism is a variant of liberalism. Liberalism is an ideology that believes no one, not even the government should interference with the freedom of other individuals, they therefore believe in negative freedoms. One other belief is that the individual is more important than society which causes them to have a strong belief in individual freedoms. Since liberalism grew during the age of enlightenment, they believe that humans should use reason to break bondage from ignorance. Liberals believe in justice in that each to his own doing. If I am hard working, I should be rewarded but if I cause harm to another individual I should be punished. They also believe that the individual should be a tolerant towards what others believe in, while still maintaining their own beliefs. Liberals think that the government should be small and not interfere with the market. They believe that government should provide safety nets but it should be minimal. People today that subscribe to these core themes are known as classical liberals

Modern liberals also believe in these core themes; however they disagree on how they should be applied. They also added their own beliefs that classical liberals do not subscribe to. Modern liberals believe in negative freedom, however most believe that with this freedom they should use it a positive way to enlighten themselves. They therefore believe in positive freedom. Like liberals, they also believe that individual is important. However they believe that it is important to help out the society and those who need help by embracing collectivism. Modern liberals also believe in reason. They also believe in justice, but in justice that takes away inequality. Unlike classical liberals, modern liberals believe that the government should play a bigger role in managing the economy. Most believe in Keynesian economic, where the government should save money in times of economics prosperity so when we have a recession or even a depression we can use that money to buy ourselves out of the economic down time. They also believe that the government should be a welfare state to help those who need it. Now that we have covered what liberalism, classical liberalism and modern liberalism are, we can answer the question what would liberals say about legalization?

Every liberal would be in favour of legalizing marijuana for a number of reasons. Liberals would say that the government has no right telling the individual or society that they can not use cannabis. As long as they are not harming or taking away the freedoms of another person they should be free to do so. They would argue that if there is freedom for the consumption of alcohol and the use of tobacco, why can’t the government legalize cannabis too? They will also point out that in addition to infringing in the freedom of...

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