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Marijuana is known to be the drug of people’s choice. The main ingredient in marijuana that gets you high is known as “THC” witch stands for Tetrahydroncannabinol, which is a Latin word. Tetrahydroncannabinol or THC goes by other names such as trichomes resin, and crystal. For every strain of marijuana the amount of THC strains in the plant usually very, making each different grow or flower matter different and unique. Marijuana has many different forms there are concentrates witch have a higher dose of THC, there is an edible form witch usually is some type of candy or brownie or cookie. There is also a flower form witch is the most common way of using the product because it’s the easiest ...view middle of the document...

“34.8% of 12 graders in the United States surveyed had tried Marijuana” (Eden 22). As you can see kids are starting these bad habits at an even earlier age, more then likely they are being pressured to try the addictive drug from a friend or family member, or grew up with parents or people in their surroundings who used the drug.
As the saying goes curiosity killed the cat, well in this case curiosity killed the stoner, after you start there is a very little chance you will ever quit considering how addictive it is. Pretty soon you will be tying the rubber band around your arm and then flicking your vain once or twice then in goes the needle, and what do you no your doing heroin now. “Of those going to rehabilitation for weed addiction, 45 percent are under 21 years of age. When those 24 and younger are included, the percentage rises to 55” (Hidden Dangers of Marijuana). As you can see marijuana appeals more to a somewhat young crowd, if we don’t spread awareness to kids and preteens and explain the long-term effects and how severe they can be it will be to late.
Marijuana is also terrible for your mental heath and well being, in the moment when your smoking or already high it appears to be great and all your problems just vanish in to thin air which is true, that is the effect of the THC on your brain that causes that stimulation in mood and attitude. While smoking you peak to your climax then eventually the high will fade away resulting in you want to get high again because it was so enjoyable and relaxing. As soon as the drug wares off all your problems and struggles kick right back in, and you usually feel worse then you did before you smoked. Smoking marijuana can cause many mental illnesses “Psychosis refers to a number of mental illnesses where people experience difficulty in telling what is real and what is not. Someone suffering from a psychosis might hear voices that are not really there (hallucinations), or believe things that are not true (delusions). Schizophrenia is a form of psychosis.”(Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia). Are these the problems you want to be dealing with? I think not. Depending on your body and numerous other factors it could take months to years for these illnesses to go away. For years people with anxiety and mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression have been told to smoke the product marijuana because it helps reduce the symptoms. To a certain extent this is true but it only cures your symptoms while you are on it and will slowly go back to normal right when your off and even worsens your symptoms to worse then they were before, many studies have proven this and shown this. “We should discourage cannabis use among the clients of mental health services (i.e. those who have already developed mental health problems). This could be done by screening all new patients with psychotic symptoms and advising those who use cannabis should stop, or at the very least, to reduce their use”(Castle,...

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Marijuana Legalization Essay

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