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Marijuana Legalization Benefits Society Essay

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Attending class has become a widespread argument at the University of West Georgia. Students at the UWG should be able to choose whether or not they need to attend class everyday. Reasons for not attending class regularly include the size of the class, the boring lecture halls teachers put students through, and classes that have nothing to do with the student’s major. Of course going to class helps out in some cases, but if students are in a lecture hall they have no reason to go to class. Students at the UWG make fine grades without going to class and attendance should not be mandatory in all cases.
A great reason attendance should not be mandatory is if the class has a tremendous amount of students. When a class has a huge number of students the class does not benefit students at all. Many teachers that teach large classes put the information online and do not help the students individually at all. A student would benefit more from learning online rather than attending a large class that the teacher only reads straight from the book. The staff at the UWG cannot expect students to attend unbeneficial classes taught by teachers that do not care about whether the individual student understands the material. Yes, attending classes that do not have a huge amount of students are beneficial to the student, but either way it should be the student’s choice on whether or not to attend class every day. Teachers do not need to take attendance policies in classes that consist of large amounts of students.
While class size is one reason for not having attendance policy, lecture halls at the UWG also should not have attendance policy. Lecture halls consist of teachers that only read material straight from the book. A student can learn better researching material online as to sitting through a lecture hall. Teachers that are in charge of lecture halls do not care about the individual student and could care less on whether or not a student understands the material. These teachers are just there to read straight from the book, get their paycheck, and move on with their day. Also lecture halls are usually only pointless electives that every student is required to take their first two years. Everyone that has been in school knows how useless lecture halls are and that teaching oneself would be better than...

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