Marijuana Legalization Good For The Nation? The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana And The Effects On The Drug.

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Marijuana Legalization; Good For The Nation?One question that has haunted America for a long time is: "Should the use of marijuana be legalized?" Some say "Yes", while others say "No". For several decades marijuana has been one of the major problems of society. There have been increasing costs spent on the war against marijuana and countless dollars spent on rehabilitation, but the problem still exists. Not only has the drug problem increased but also drug related problems are on the rise. Drug abuse is a killer in our country. Some are born addicts (crack babies), while others become users.Many believe that legalizing marijuana would lessen crime. They think that the legalization would deter future criminal acts. There is no possible way it would lessen crime for a number of reasons. Like alcohol, marijuana impairs your judgment from what is right from wrong. Other people want marijuana to be legal for other beneficial reasons. People think that it would promote world peace. The biggest argument is for health reasons. If that's the case, then the people that are sick should be able to use it for a good purpose.The result of drug abuse is thousands of addicts in denial. Marijuana should remain illegal in the U.S because there would be an increase of drug abuse and a rapid increase of diseases. It is possible that marijuana causes cancer because it contains some of the same cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Smoking one joint is equal to smoking 7-10 cigarettes.Some people believe legalizing the drug would increase our economy's revenue. Then why don't we legalize cocaine and heroin to boost the economy even higher? People think...

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1360 words - 5 pages on drug control programs, and if you figure that 20 percent of that is for marijuana, you could save almost 2 billion dollars a year on drug control programs. If you taxed a dollar per joint then you could make almost 4 billion dollars a year right there. So if you add all that together it's 12 billion dollars in keeping it illegal, 18 billion on helping people in jail get off of marijuana, and 4 billion dollars off of the possible tax, that's 34

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1701 words - 7 pages Positive Effects on The Legalization of MarijuanaThe legalization of marijuana will bring in much needed revenue to the US economy through tax revenue, the creation of jobs, decrease in the number of those incarcerated for marijuana possession, and help treat various health conditions that would otherwise cause an enormous amount of pain. Although marijuana is often looked down upon as a Schedule I illegal drug, this medicinal plant has been

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805 words - 3 pages of marijuana may make it safer for use, it is still a drug thatcauses harm, and can be directly tied together with crime. The legalization would onlyamplify this harm and the amount of crime.Lastly, the legalization of pot would "make the drug readily available to ourcountry's youth" [6]. Similarly to the way youth can obtain cigarettes and alcohol, withthe legalization of marijuana, a wave of underage supplying would occur. It is onlycommon sense

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1184 words - 5 pages . Public support for legalization is about 54%, so that means about half of the Americans in the United States agree with legalizing marijuana use and half of them disagree and think marijuana should stay illegal in all states. Exactly why is marijuana such a big topic today? Marijuana is such a big controversial topic today because of its history and the pros and cons of legalizing it. Firstly, cannabis or more popularly known as “marijuana” has

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2857 words - 11 pages ' #1 cash crop producing annual sales of $32 billion. If the government were to impose a 6% tax on marijuana it would generate 1.9 billion dollars a year for the government, resulting obviously in a surplus for the nation or state's economy.(Eagan, 2009 ) In his dateline article, Margery Eagan wrote of how the legalization of marijuana would be a benefit. He wrote, "Struggling Joe citizen would reap the benefit of the pot profits and not Joe dope

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1955 words - 8 pages , and even within the distance of a few states. With all of the debate on whether marijuana should become legal or not there has been many political issues. Some people say that marijuana is good for you and causes no harm at all and then there’s the side that says it has really bad health and social effects. Since there are so many different opinions of the drug it has developed into an enormous political topic. Marijuana is made from the plant

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891 words - 4 pages used in moderation. If not used in moderation marijuana can be very dangerous. The legalization of marijuana is a continual discussion and decision that is made over and over again. Do the pros of marijuana being so great but there are still more states that believe that the cons overweigh the the pros. Yes Marijuana can cure diseases but it can also give diseases. Marijuana also is not good for the people who inhale it around the user or for the

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2239 words - 9 pages heroin and LSD. It was a Schedule I drug which means it includes a highly abused substance with no accepted medicinal uses. The Reagan and Bush administrations showed no tolerance for it and resulted in “strict laws and mandatory sentences for possession of marijuana” (“Marijuana Information”). As the years passed, law enforcement attempted to crack down on users. From the 1990’s to present times, it rose as a popular trend, especially for

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1052 words - 4 pages that the use of marijuana as a drug began around 430 B.C., but was ostracized into certain areas. As the years continued to pass all of the uses for the cannabis plant seemed to have been positive, but it wasn't until around 900 – 1000 A.D., that many scholars began to question the pros and cons of the use of the plant in order to induce euphoria. Throughout history the cannabis plant was omnipresent even in government affairs. It was

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557 words - 2 pages of effects such as codeine, cocaine, and morphine. If drugs like those are legal and are under control, then a drug like marijuana that is very similar to them, should also be legalized and easily kept under control.Many other complaints of the legalization of marijuana have been argued and show no relevance in reasons of why marijuana should not be legalized. The D.E.A. is trying to make the argument that by legalizing marijuana, the drug problem

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1277 words - 5 pages the taxpayers. It is also a means to improving society. Regulation means cleaner streets and fewer children who will get into trouble at a young age, because they will not be able to purchase the drug on the playground. Legalization of Marijuana is a winning choice for everyone. Works Cited Moffatt, Mike. "Should Governments Legalize and Tax Marijuana?" Economics at About.Com -- Your Portal to the World of Economics. Web. 10 Mar. 2012

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1374 words - 6 pages improve and benefit patients with those disorders (Brody). The strongest evidence for the legalization of marijuana is the benefit of the public in ailing with the pain produced by illnesses and chronic diseases. Medical marijuana and marijuana have had a long, lengthy history of repeated use in the United States. First, from 1900 to 1940, marijuana, including opium and cocaine were considered part of everyday drugs. As time went on, the

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