Marijuana Legalization, "Growing" The Economy, Or Destroying Lives? Essay

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CANADA- Canadian premier Justin Trudeau promised to legalize the recreational use of marijuana all over Canada for the use of citizens and permanent residents, in the near future, because "The current laws don't work in keeping the drug out of minors hands," and the promise is very close to being fulfilled.

Many people were enraged over the topic, after the young prime minister was elected, only because of the one topic, legalization of marijuana.

"When I initially heard about this, I was very shocked, and I knew nothing good would come out of this," said Rubeena Khan, a single mother of three children, and a doctor at McMaster children's hospital.

Trudeau said that the current rule does not work to keep the drug out of minors hands, so by legalizing it the illegal sources would be non existent, and it would be more like alcohol.
Legal recreational use of marijuana in Canada is not just a possibility anymore after it was promised by Trudeau to be legalized for the public

To argue that, Dr. Khan, argues that “according to the Ontario student use health survey, alcohol(46%) is the most abused drug, and it is legal, and abused more than twice as much as cannabis(21%)”

Although Dr. Khan and Mancini both have negative opinions for the health of the people, Mancini says that this will help grow the economy, and the dollar, by creating a resource to sell, and reduce money paid for police. But...

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