Marijuana Legalization In California Essay

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About 750,000 people are arrested every year for marijuana offenses just in the United States. This is overcrowding prisons and this is letting out dangerous people back into society. Marijuana legalization will make sure to keep these dangerous people behind bars. Since minor drug offenders are going to prison, are nation has to pay to house these prisoners every year out of our taxes. Legalization would reduce the amount that comes out of are taxes. If recreational marijuana is legalized, the drug industry for marijuana will fade because once it is legalized, gangs will not have drug trades for marijuana. This will reduce the amount of crime in California. Marijuana should be legalized in ...view middle of the document...

Every year, 144,000 prisoners are taken to prison for minor drug charges. So, if we legalize marijuana, you will have more money every year because it will not be taken out of your taxes to pay for minor drug offenders.

Another reason why marijuana legalization in California is a good thing because it can reduce crime and the risk of drug trafficking in the United States. Marijuana was found to be a big part in the California drug trade. Gangs are usually behind the trades. Legalization would reduce the amount of drug revenues that can ruin some towns and gang violence often follows drugs. These drug revenues attract gang activities. 60% of drug trafficking in California is marijuana according to The Harvard Crimson. Gangs have been formed over drug trades in Southern California and are very dangerous in the towns and cities that they are based in. This is making cities very rundown and it looks bad on California’s reputation. A major thing that brings in money for small businesses is tourists. Tourists are not going to come to a city that has gang members and graffiti and vandalism everywhere. This will ruin small businesses just because of marijuana based gangs. People that are part of marijuana exchanges can kill people for seeing them trading or if they don’t get there money or if they...

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