Marijuana's Disadvantages Essay

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As a college student, drugs and alcohol are constantly creating temptations for individuals. In the United States, the problem with marijuana use is increasing. It is “the most used illegal drug in the world, with almost 160 million people, aged fifteen to sixty four, reporting having used marijuana in the last year” (Smith 429). The drug constantly surrounds users and their friends, but they have no idea of the effects. As the years pass, marijuana is being viewed as a “normal” drug, and although some disagree, they find no reason to discourage users. Marijuana has serious side effects; an individual’s choices might change with more knowledge of its effects. In order to protect friends, families, and the community, it is necessary to recognize the disadvantages it has on an individual. By the increasing number of marijuana users in the United States, the negative effects it has on the body, lives of individuals, and legal consequences should lead to a realization that marijuana should continue to be illegal and its usage should be avoided.
Marijuana has been a problem since the early 1900s and continues to create problems. The Federal Bureau of Narcotics created a law which prohibited marijuana use in 1937 (Reinarman 128). Twenty years later, THC (delta-9-tetrahudrocannabinol) was discovered to be the main psychoactive component in marijuana causing its negative side effects (Reinarman 129). Almost seventy-five years later, the United States is still battling the problem of illegal marijuana use. Although scientists discovered the negative effects fifty years ago, the information has gone practically unnoticed and the amount of users continues to increase. Approximately half of the United States population has used marijuana at one point (Reinarman 129). Marijuana use has continued to increase even after attempting to reduce it with stricter laws. Not only has its use increased, but also an abundant amount of money has been devoted to medical marijuana research. Today, medical marijuana is legalized in a number of states and its legal use is being considered in many others.
Whether marijuana is used once or constantly, it affects the brain and body in negative ways. One of the reasons most people use marijuana is for the “good” feelings it brings. The majority of the people using it never hear about the unpleasant effects. Negative highs can be caused by using marijuana with other depressants, excess amount of marijuana use, as well as large amount of THC in the marijuana (Henningfield 42). These experiences show when individuals are not aware of the drug they are using, they can cause unwanted highs. Many times, they expect to relieve stress or “fit in”, but instead they can cause more pressure and potential harm to their body. Since each person’s body is different, it is impossible to depict who will have positive or negative reactions to the use of marijuana (Henningfield 42). Most individuals are pressured into using the drug because...

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