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Marijuana’s Legalization Essay

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Marijuana should be legalized and while many people still think of marijuana as a dangerous drug some states are starting to legalize it. This is the case for the states of Colorado and Washington. It is a drug that has been around for a very long time and many people, including several US presidents, have tried it at one point or another in their lives (Johnny Green, 2013). With all the different arguments for and against its legalization the advantages for legalizing it are numerous. Marijuana should be legalized not only for medical purposes but also in doing so the government stands to gain a lot. In the words of Bob Marley “legalize it”!
First of all, from a medical perspective, marijuana use has never been proven to be harmful but in treating certain diseases it can actually be helpful. To this date, the use of marijuana has not been a direct cause of death for anyone but according to Xia Zhang, from the University of Saskatchewan who states in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, “in 2005 new research suggests that marijuana could possible stimulate brain cell growth”. Alcohol and prescription drug use have been known to cause death, unlike marijuana use, so we can say that it is much less dangerous (Renee Jacques & Todd Van Luling, 2014). Despite the fact that marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug in the world, its addiction is still a dilemma. Alcohol and prescription drugs, which are legal, have been known to lead to addiction.
Second of all from a political perspective, legalizing marijuana could be beneficial for the state. If policemen didn’t have to spend a lot of their time chasing recreational marijuana users they could use it to catch more dangerous criminals. The usnews states that “there are 800,000 people arrested” each year mostly for the possession of marijuana. Also, if there were less marijuana users in jail then it would cost the taxpayers less money to cover the cost of maintaining a prisoner in jail. It is estimated that legalizing marijuana would save the United States 14 billion dollars per year.
Third of all from a worldwide perspective, there are currently twenty countries where marijuana is legal. For example Holland, “where in 1976 the Dutch parliament decriminalized possession of less than 5 grams of cannabis” (CNN; July 17, 2013), for many people the Dutch city of Amsterdam is symbolic of freedom. This is due to the possibility of smoking pot in open doors and going to coffee shops where there is cannabis on the menus (CNN; July 17, 2013). Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana trade hoping that it would put an end to drug trafficking.( The most impressive country is Portugal who decriminalized drug use over a decade ago. Since then drug abuse has lowered 50 percent of what it was. (
Fourth of all from an...

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