Marijuana: Unregulated, Undocumented, And Uncontrollable Essay

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Marijuana has been around for a long time and its use has become wide spread in America. So much so, that an underground culture and economy have formed around it like a protective shroud. For most people, a supply of marijuana is only a phone call away (ICSDP.) Yet it has been illegal to possess, use, grow, or distribute since the thirties. Despite the possibility of becoming addicted to marijuana, many use it recreationally, while others rely on the medicinal effects of marijuana to alleviate a variety of diseases. Thirteen states have enacted medical marijuana laws and programs despite federal prohibition policies against the use of marijuana. Twelve more states are in the process of following this trend and if they are successful in passing these impending measures, fifty-four percent of the United States will have broken federal laws regarding its use. The federal government maintains that marijuana is illegal, while the state governments assert that it is legal to use from a medical standpoint. From a public standpoint, marijuana has a semi-legal status and the problems stemming from this legal ambiguity are many. The state and federal agencies that make our laws do not agree on the legal status of marijuana, and in the wake of the creation of the medical marijuana programs, many Americans wonder who will assume the responsibility for its supervision. If our government refuses to be accountable for the supervision of marijuana, how can they expect the American citizens to accept accountability for its use? We must work together as a nation to create and implement a strict, mandatory supervision system for the regulation of marijuana in order to prevent the exploitation of the marijuana laws.
What is the truth about marijuana? Some want it to remain illegal, while others want to decriminalize it. Those against the legalization of marijuana tend to emphasize the dangers of marijuana while ignoring the medical values of this substance, while those in favor of legalization tend to downplay the dangers of addiction and the social problems that arise from possible addiction to marijuana. For instance, here is an excerpt from an editorial in the Florida Times Union.
The Office of National Drug Control Policy says marijuana plays a bigger role in a serious U.S. drug problem than most people realize. Consider: Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States. About 75 percent -- or 14.6 million of the nearly 20 million illicit drug users -- are using marijuana. Of the 7.1 million Americans dealing with illegal drug dependence or abuse, 60 percent are hooked on marijuana or abuse it. More young people are being treated for marijuana dependency than for booze or for all other illegal drugs combined, the office says marijuana's daily use among eighth, 10th and 12th grade students has increased over the last year, according to recent survey results released by the office. Youths who use marijuana -- particularly those in their...

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