Marijuana Use A Persuasive Argument

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Richard Lowry has been the editor of National Review since 1997. He joined the magazine’s staff in 1992 after graduating from the University of Virginia, where he edited a conservative monthly magazine called the Virginia Advocate. In 1994, he moved to Washington, D.C. to cover Congress. At 33, Rich Lowry is not what most people expect of the editor of the National Review. Lowry is constantly taking readers by surprise, presenting them with his humor, his depth of knowledge and his enthusiasm. Lowry presents an argument on the issues of marijuana usage. The article "Weed Whackers", was published by the National Review on August 20, 2001. In the 19th century, cultural prejudices have been formed, fighting against the usage of marijuana. In the article, "Weed Whackers", Richard Lowry presents a persuasive argument on the anti-marijuana forces and why they are wrong. He makes logical claims using credible sources, which acts as a persuasive mechanism by appealing his audience.

Richard Lowry uses persuasive reasoning, arguing that marijuana prohibition relies on cultural prejudices. He makes logical claims arguing that marijuana is not as harmful as other drugs such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine; however, despite the effects of the drug, the punishment for possession is extreme. Because of the minimal effects on how marijuana affects the body, he argues that it makes little sense to send people to jail for marijuana usage. Lowry argues that marijuana is highly used and only represents a temporary experiment or enthusiasm. He backs up this claim using a 1999 report by the Institute of Medicine, which shows that, "in 1996, 68.6 million people- 32% of the US population over 12 years old- had tried marijuana or hashnish at least once in their lifetime, but only 5% were current users". Lowry uses a persuasive technique reasoning with the anti-marijuana forces. He acknowledges the anti-marijuana claims and rationalizes with them. However, he then continues to make logical rebuttals. For example, Lowry does not deny that marijuana is an addictive drug. However, he backs up his statement with a report from The Lancet stating, "About one and ten of those who ever use cannabis become dependent on it at some time during their 4 or 5 years of heaviest use". Lowry presents a statistic that shows how little people actually become addictive to the drug. This technique is persuasive because he presents both sides of the story.

Although Lowry is not an expert in the field, nor does he have first-hand experience, his argument remains persuasive due to the credibility of his sources. Lowry uses factual evidence...

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