Marijuana Does Not Cause Serious Diseases Like Cancer

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Marijuana is a drug and several researches have now confirmed that unlike tobacco and alcohol marijuana does not cause serious diseases like cancer. In addition to this there are proven facts that the Government could earn millions more in tax dollars to help benefit the people of the country if marijuana was legalized and polices implemented to support the cause. Marijuana cannot be compared to cocaine, heroin and other dangerous drugs. The time has now come to legalise use of marijuana and reap the benefits of legalising this drug. Thus, this research will help us to form a view whether it is right to legalise marijuana or should it still remain as one of the illegal drugs.
Every year people of Canada consume many illegal substances like and this makes potential criminals dealing in these illegal drugs billionaire. Several surveys tell us that marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in Canada. More than half of the age group of 20 to 24 use marijuana as per recent National Health and Welfare data. However looking at the fact that most of the individuals do not admit taking this illegal drug the estimation that close to 50% of the population in the age group of 20 to 24 take marijuana might be a very conservative approach (Boyd 79).
With whatever efforts the Canadian government may make it is unlikely that marijuana usage will stop and go away, thus it will be a wise decision to legalise. A report says that billions of government revenue can be derived if marijuana sales are made legal. This will also help in curbing illegal trade of marijuana. Even the Canadian Medical Association has facts which suggest that the occasional usage of marijuana is not harmful, marijuana usage doesn’t make its users addictive and there were no evidence of mental damage and this is why 70% of Canadian population are in favour of decriminalization of marijuana (Beckl, n.d.).
Marijuana can be used to relieve patients suffering from cancer and AIDS as this drug helps in relieving pain, stimulating appetite and controlling vomiting and nausea. Thus legalising marijuana will support more of its use in medical organizations and medical treatments (Marijuana, n.d.). A 2012 report suggests that use of marijuana oil can help in curing diseases like diabetes, cancer, ulcers, migraines, insomnia, arthritis, etc (Marijuana, n.d.).
The increased trade with countries producing marijuana would definitely help the struggling third world countries to stabilize. In addition to this it will also help in curbing the illegal immigration from countries like Mexico by creating an altogether New Mexican industry dealing in marijuana and similar other products which will also increase job opportunities (Sepulveda, 2006). Small businesses which deal in marijuana would witness increased profits and companies dealing in tobacco and cigarettes will have to dump more money in advertising to boost their sales. Thus everywhere economic boom will be witnessed and this will also help in...

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