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Marilyn Monroe

Many people said that Marilyn Monroe was a great
inspiration in their lives, but through my research, I found
out that she was everything but an inspiration. Throughout
my report, I will give you many facts about Marilyn’s rough
life and what she did to handle them.

     Marilyn Monroe, AKA Norma Jean Mortenson/Baker,
was born at Los Angeles General Hospital at 9:39 am on
June 1st, 1926. The hospital in which she was born is
now the County University of Southern California Medical
Center. Marilyn was born an illegitimate child whose father
(Edward Mortenson) had deserted her mother (Gladys
Baker). However, her real father was Stanley Gifford who
left Gladys when he found out she was pregnant.

     Her mother worked at the Consolidated Film Industries
lab as a cutter of negative film. She worked long hours, at
low pay, at a boring and tedious eyestraining job. Since she
was at her job most of the time, she had to pay others to
look after Marilyn. Sometimes she would only get to see her
mother only early in the morning or at night. It was enough
for any mom to have a nervous breakdown. All Marilyn
remembered was her mother being in and out of hospitals.
Marilyn’s mother was working long hours at the film lab
just to make ends meet. She became very tired and nervous;
life became difficult for her. She had been sent to the
Norwalk State hospital for Mental Diseases for a rest when
Marilyn was only five years old. That was what caused her
to have a nervous breakdown and that is what caused
Marilyn to spend her childhood in and out of foster homes.
When Gladys first went to the hospital, Marilyn moved in
with her mother’s best friend.

When her mom’s best friend remarried, she told Marilyn that
her house was too small and someone had to go. Marilyn
was only nine years old then. So one day, she packed
Marilyn’s clothes in a suitcase and they got in her car. They
drove and drove for a long time without telling Marilyn
where she was going. They finally arrived at a three-story
red-brick building. Marilyn looked up at the sign and it said
LOS ANGELES ORPHANS HOME. Marilyn told her, “Please
don’t let me stay here. I’m not an orphan, my mother’s not
dead.” Her mom’s friend had to drag her inside the
orphanage. Her mother’s girlfriend had promised her that
she would take good care of her. She promised Marilyn that
she would come back often and visit her. She also promised
her that she would get her out of the orphanage as soon as
she was able to. Marilyn didn’t believe her though. She
later found out that her mom’s best friend was Grace
Goddard. She was her aunt Grace. While in the orphanage,
Marilyn was sexually abused. Two years later, her Aunt
Grace finally took her out of the orphanage. When they
returned from the orphanage, Aunt Grace took Marilyn to
live with her aunt. She lived in Van Nuys, a very poor
neighborhood on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Her name
was Edith Ana...

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