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Marilyn Monroe: The Blonde Bombshell Essay

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"I want to grow old without face-lifts; I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I have made. Sometimes I think it would be easier to avoid old age, to die young, but then you would never complete your whole life, would you? You would never wholly know yourself." Marilyn Monroe stated in the younger days of her life. Although this statement didn’t come true, Marilyn Monroe had a memorable life filled with many ups and downs. Who would think that such a successful young woman had such an unstable life? Whether you know her as “The Blonde Bombshell”, Norma, or Marilyn Monroe, she has had a large impact on the way people see women of the past. From her childhood, to her ...view middle of the document...

Norma and her mother moved into a tiny apartment for short two months until things started to look up for her and her mother. They began moving into their new three bedroom apartment in which they shared with the Atkinsons to help with expenses. With this happening, Norma was thrown for a complete loop when the house transformed into a house full of drinking, dancing, and card playing. Less than a year later, Gladys suffered from depression and was placed in a rest home and then a hospital as her depression became worse. With medical care being so poor in the 1930’s, Gladys was never able to be fully and effectively treated. She spent the remainder of her life in a variety of rest homes, mental institutions and hospitals; therefore, losing all chance to be a real mother to Norma. For Norma the rest of her childhood was filled with chaos and instability as she moved along from foster home, to relatives, family friends and even orphanages. At first she lived with the Atkinsons, still in her mother’s home, with frequent visits from her mother’s friend Grace Mckee. After Monroe’s mother was declared legally insane in 1935, Grace applied to become Norma’s legal guardian. After a long two years, Grace became Norma’s guardian and took her into her home. With the thought that the struggle of having a stable home was over, Norma was sadly mistaken.
After just six months with “Aunt Grace” and her family, Norma was shipped off to live with other relatives. It is believed the reasoning behind such a sudden move was that Doc Goddard, Grace Mckee’s husband, had molested her. At this point in her life Norma was very confused. At age twelve, Norma returned to Los Angeles, but to live with Grace’s aunt, Ana Lower. Of all of the parental figures in her life, “Aunt Ana” was the one to whom she felt the closest to. While living with Aunt Ana Norma enrolled in high school. Despite being able to enroll in school, Norma, sadly, did not finish any further than the tenth grade.
Since the fall of 1941, Norma had been “friendly” with her neighbor, Jim Dougherry, which happened to be five years older than she was. Jim worked...

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