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Marine Biogeochemistry: The World's Topic Trend And The Projection In Indonesia

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Biogeochemistry research in South East Asia and surround
Biogeochemistry study in SE Asia countries has been conducted in fresh or marine water scope. Some of the studies can be tracked down through international publications. However, some others may remain as the local knowledge since only come to the local or regional publications. Although the sources is limited, it is still possible to track down the research highlight of biogeochemistry study in SE Asia. The following part discuss some of those researches.
Biogeochemical study in fresh water for instance studied by Jones et al. (2011) about biogeochemistry of manganese in Lake Matano (South Sulawesi, Indonesia). The lake considered as a modern analogue ferruginous ocean. Another research was conducted in the fresh water (Brantas River, Indonesia) in correlation with the estuary and coastal waters of Madura strain (Indonesia). This research suggested that organic nitrogen may play a more important role for coastal food webs and the nitrogen cycle in tropical regions. However, in the case study of Brantas river estuary, it seems that fluvial nutrient and sediment input into the ocean is in critical condition since human activities altering these inputs (Jennerjahn et al. 2004).
Biogeochemical process in correlation with human activities became an interesting topic study in SE Asia. Biogechemical cycles in Vietnamese coastal water has been determined by both human activities which control material input from land and hydrodinamics e.g. upwelling from the seas (An and Thu 2007). The similar study in more specific and smaller spatio-scale was conducted in a lagoon (i.e. Segara Anakan, Java, Indonesia) by Jennerjahn et al. (2009). The study also concluded that the lagoon biogeochemistry affected by both anthropogenic and hydrodinamics. However, (Jennerjahn, Nasir and Pohlenga 2009) stated that natural processes still exert major control on the nutrient inventory of the lagoon.
Research by Waite et al. (2013) investigated the biogeochemistry of low dissolved oxygen high-nitrate (LDOHN) in the eastern Indian Ocean, off northwest Australia adjacent to Ningaloo Reef. The result indicate that LDOHN layers are formed from multiple subduction events of the Eastern Gyral Current beneath the Leeuwin Current (LC); the LC originates from both the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) and tropical Indian Ocean.
Topic related to particulate organic matter (POM) also got an attention. Tue et al. (2012) studied about Sources and Exchange of Particulate Organic Matter in an Estuarine Mangrove Ecosystem of Xuan Thuy National Park, Vietnam. The result suggested that the contribution of mangrove...

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