Marine Biology Essay

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Marine Biology
If you are interested in adventuring the depths of the ocean, being a marine biologist is the job for you. As a marine biologist you will need to have several years of schooling in order to have a successful career. Being a marine biologist can be an enjoyable and dangerous job, but the journey is worth the ride.
Several people ask what is a marine biologist? There are various answers to this question. The best answer shall be that a marine biologist is someone who works in some way in studying, observing, protecting, or managing marine organisms, be they microbe, plant or animal. Marine Biologists study the origins, behaviours, diseases, genetics and the life processes ...view middle of the document...

In addition, other marine scientists concern themselves exclusively with the physical and chemical aspects of the sea, such as physicists, hydrologists, and physical oceanographers (Becoming a Marine Biologist).
When becoming a marine biologist you don’t necessarily need to major in marine biology. A bachelors degree requires four years of college, a masters degree requires about six years of training, a phd requires about eight to ten years depending on which career you choose to study. Marine biologist usually reach for their phd, because that makes for a successful career.
Marine biology have decent pay depending on the work position you hold. Usually the marine biologist that have their phd get better pay than the positions with the masters or bachelors. The average pay for a marine biologist is about 68,030 thousand dollars annually, and 32.71 dollars hourly, but some marine biologist make 102,980 dollars annually (Experience and Education Needed to Become a Marine Biologist).
Being a Marine Biologist, can be extremely dangerous career. There are many risks you have to take in this field. There are many dangerous sea creatures, there are diving risks, and laboratory risks. Most of these risks can add up to be extremely harmful.
Numerous Sea creatures are dangerous and can even cause fatalities . There are many different types of sharks that are aggressive, the Great White, Tiger Shark, Bull Shark, Oceanic White Tip, Gray Shark, and the Mako. All of these sharks have been known to be aggressive (Becoming a Marine Biologist). Barracudas do not feed on humans but they have accidentally attacked humans wearing brightly colored clothing. The Salt Water Crocodile has often attacked humans in their territory, most attacks tend to be more territorial than predatorial. Sea Lions are usually playful, but they can be territorial and harmful especially during the mating season. Moray eels teeth are razor sharp and their bites can lead to extravagant bleeding and often get infected. Normally Moray eels aren’t aggressive toward divers. They even occasionally get fed. But sometimes they can be territorial or become aggressive and go after fish or divers. Many risks are associated with diving, marine biologists have to spend a large portion of your time underwater. When you're scuba diving marine biologists can get underwater injuries, arterial gas embolisms and pressure arrhythmias are all things that can affect divers under the water....

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