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Marine Engineer
In this essay I will describe to you why I decided for my career to be a Marine Engineer and also any Marine Employee. I will help you understand why, by going through the topics of education, the history, duties, job requirements, advancement through the career, and any benefits that come with it.
The 1st thing that I am going to talk about is the education requirements. For you to become a Marine Engineer or Naval Architect you must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree and there is also no on the job training. Entry level jobs in Marine Engineering and/or Naval Architecture require a Bachelor’s degree in marine engineering, marine systems engineering, or marine engineering technology. Programs typically include courses in calculus, physics, and computer-aided design. The courses that are specific to ME’s and NA’s include ship hull strength, fluid mechanics, and mechanics of materials. Some also have degrees in mechanical or electrical ...view middle of the document...

The highest license level is called a “Chief Assistant” and higher levels are followed by higher pay and more responsibilities. You must be able to give clear instructions and explain difficult concepts when leading teams of professionals on projects. ME’s and NA’s must employ ops analysis to create a design that will perform the ship’s functions and then be able to employ skills of critical thinking to expect and fix any mistakes before the ship is built or set to sea. ME’s and NA’s must also be able to meet with clients to discuss their needs for ship systems. Engineers must also be able to discuss progression with clients to keep redesign options open before the project gets too far for them to fix it. You must have math skills. ME’s and NA’s use calculus, trigonometry, and other advanced subjects in math so that they can analyze, design, and troubleshoot their work. You also must be able to identify and solve problems. ME’s will and must design several systems for ships that work well together. NA’s and ME’s will be expected to solve problems for any and all of their clients. They must be able to draw on their knowledge when needed and their experience to make effective decisions.
Beginning Marine Engineers usually do their work under the supervision of experienced engineers. In large companies, newer engineers also may receive formal training in seminars and studies. As beginning engineers gain experience and knowledge, they will begin to move on to make more difficult projects where they have greater independence to develop designs, problem solve, and make decisions. Eventually, the Marine Engineers may advance to become technical specialists or to also supervise a team of engineers and technicians. Some may even become engineering managers or move into other managerial positions or sales work. In sales, an engineering background empowers them to discuss technical aspects of certain kinds of engineering assignments. Some knowledge is very helpful in assisting clients in project planning, use, and most importantly, installation.
The median pay raise of marine engineers and naval architects as of May 2012 was $88,100. The median wage is the wage at which half of the workers in an occupation earn more than the stated amount and half had earned less.

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