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The ocean is very mysterious, there is much knowledge that the world does not even know about the ocean. Historically, ocean pollution has always been a tremendous problem but each year it increases drastically. Trash is really hurting not only the ocean but also ocean life environment. Ships can release oil spills into the ocean that can drastically hurt animal life. There are many of organizations attempting to help stop all of this trash from affecting more the world. Wildlife in the ocean is being polluted and some even killed. Most people think that this is not a big problem when in reality it is.
An enormous part of why our oceans are so polluted is Oil spills. These really affect not ...view middle of the document...

One of the main ones is Plastic. Plastic is a very big hazard. It can kill so many animals and is also causing damage to our ecosystem.When they are in the ocean the can sink if they have the cap. As they sink they can come into contact with many animals. A whale for example can mistake a plastic bottle for a fish and eat it. Later on that can cause great damage the inside of the animal. Trash, is also a very big disturbance to the ocean. It is very harmful because it also sinks into the deep. Some animals can get stuck in the trash and choke. Once an animal gets stuck it is very hard to get unstuck.
There are numerous of ways and organizations to volunteer and help the environment. Beach sweeps, really help clean the coast where some of the trash lies. Donating money so that others can go out and clean more where the deep is, is also very helpful. Sharing the way that the ocean is really polluted on the social media is a great help. These show people a different perspective on how the ocean really is. It even might make them think twice about littering. Fundraising money for the cause will be an outreach the community. Once in a community clean up 13,825 volunteers served to clean the beach.
Noise pollution significantly hurts...

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