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Choosing the right career can be difficult for some. There are many things someone should look into when trying to choose their perfect profession. A person has to look at the profession and see if it fits their skills well. Also do they enjoy the jobs compensation and tasks? Luckily for my school I had to take a mandatory class that helped me choose the right technical program which lead into the perfect job for me. The marine technician career is the best fit due to its salary, job availability, daily tasks as a technician, and training it offers because they all apply to my hobbies and interests.
The salary of a marine technician will be quite satisfying for me. Living in Washington State the income should enough to enjoy myself and have a sustainable life. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Arlington, WA is one of the top paying metropolitan areas averaging about $22.36 an hour and pulling in around $46,500 yearly (United States Department of Labor). This means that I should probably look into a job in the Arlington area preferably. This isn’t even close to the actual overall average wage though. As b CareerOneStop discusses, Washington State’s overall average pay is approximately $17.85 an hour and $37,100 yearly (America's Career InfoNet). Though it may not be that much I will still be doing something I enjoy so much. This is actually a higher median wage than the entire U.S. average which CareerOneStop says is about $35,500 yearly (America's Career InfoNet). Hopefully when starting out I will be making between these two numbers. So for this profession the salary should be a sustainable amount for me to enjoy my life.
The job availability in this profession seems to be on a slight increase in the near future. The job availability coming up in this field doesn’t seem to be very high in Washington State. Consequently as CareerOneStop states there is only going to be a 3% increase in jobs for Washington State within 2010-2020 (America's Career InfoNet). That 3% is only an increase of 30 jobs within the next 10 years. In a related article it seems that there may be hope after all in finding a job in this profession. According to Career Curve, “not only are retiring baby boomers expected to increase the number of people living in waterfront areas, but the experienced technicians leaving the workforce will add to the need for more skilled employees in the field” ("Marine Technician" 58-59). This is a wondrous thing for someone looking into this profession and scaling the job opportunities. I believe it proves that there should be a great increase in technician opportunities in this field. From this info I conclude that this profession should be on the rise in jobs in Washington State and I will enjoy this type of work and the daily tasks that come with it as well.
The daily tasks as a marine technician go well with my hobbies. I enjoy building and assembling things and finding out how all of the pieces work together. Working with my...

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