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Mario’s Tutte Bene Classic Italian Restaurant

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The smooth, heart felt voice of Jersey Boy, Frank Sinatra, floods your ears as you enter Mario’s Tutte Bene. The dim lighted, dining room with hanging Tiffany Lamps and era style tables from the 1940’s, takes you back into an era of glamor and organized crime. The half-moon Italian leather booths that surround the outmost of the dinner room are soft and comfortable. The authentic Italian foods such as Penne Vodka, Chicken Saltimbocca, Shrimp Scampi and Veal Parmigiana engulf your sense of smell and make your mouth water. The rich Red and White wines that are imported directly from Italy sing a symphony across your taste buds. This is New Jersey dining at its best.

Mario’s Tutte Bene is the very image of Italian beauty, comfort and cuisine. The walls are painted a dark wine color, with deep brown woodwork adorning the walls and doorways. The long dark brown bar that stretches out before you is sculpted by hand and polished to a high gloss, reflecting your very image off of it, like a mirror. There is a sleek, shiny, black Piano in perfect opposition of the bar, set up on a small stage, enclosed by wood banisters that stand guard on either side of the stairs polished in the same deep hew of the bar. The half-moon Italian leather booths surround the outmost area of the dining hall, leaving room for tables, large enough to accommodate 8 – 10 people in the middle.

If you prefer to enjoy your meal outside, the hostess walks you through double glass doors out onto the veranda. Hand painted walls showing the beauty of the Italian wine country surround you. The tables here are small and intimate, set up for a two person dining setting. Tables are lit by candlelight and there is a canopy covering the veranda to protect you from the sun or rain.

Formally known as Mario’s Trattoria, the Garofalo Family re-opened Mario’s Tutte Bene in 1992. They continued the family business from Italy here in New Jersey, providing the public with their authentic traditional Italian Cuisine brought from the motherland. Moving from Naples, Italy in the early 1940’s, Salvatore Garofalo moved to Brooklyn, New York with his wife Francesca. After running a small café called Fran’s in Brooklyn, they decided to move to New Jersey to take a friend up on an offer to run his Restaurant, Trattoria’s. After two short years, the Garofalo family purchased the restaurant, changing the name to Mario’s, after Salvatore’s Father. Since then, the restaurant has been passed down through generations of the Garofalo family and is currently run by Salvatore’s Grandson, Michael Garofalo. Mario’s continues to serve the same family recipes, dishes and sauce, since immigrating from Naples, Italy.

The menu is over the top in delectable Italian cuisine. For an appetizer, the Fried Calamari served with marinara and chipotle mayo sauce has just enough kick to wake up your taste buds. Another tasty treat is the Mozzarella Roasted Peppers made with fresh mozzarella, not the...

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