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Marital Relationships And Their Effect Essay

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For a 13 year old, life couldn’t have been more horrendous then that of my years in middle school. The work was taxing but more than that my personal life suffered from exhaustion, failing grades, depression, and dangling family values. My mom and dad had been disagreeing about priorities lately and the whole household appeared to be ripping at the once imperishable seams. Something was wrong, and this something was a part of my everyday life. Not until many improving years later was I able to reflect and realize it was particularly the influence of my parents and the unsettled feelings between them that made my 13 year old life heinous. Despite such unfortunate years I came to a great understanding of the common thread that many households today share: as parents find weaknesses overcoming the strength of their marriage, closely associated family and friends may also experience weakness in personal strength or stability.
Though overlooked as an inconvenience in society today, marriage between two individuals proves to have such a profound influence on everyone involved or associated. Marriages help aid one’s self sufficiency, ability to support others and bringing out better qualities in each other; even the world’s economy and well-being benefits from the marriages of couples. Sadly, the decrease in marriages over the past century restricts many from opportunities to grow and have influences on one another. As human beings interacting with other human beings, we possess a divine responsibility to participate in the influential experience of a marital relationship. Some object to this necessity arguing that some marriages end badly and only have negative influence on those involved, that it may be better to never marry at all and ask: ultimately, how has marriage proved this assumption wrong in society today?
Teenager, Lily Owens, experiences an unsupported lifestyle of hardships and self-learning in Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees. In her younger years her parents thought and eventually separated. Soon after Lily’s mother dies in an unfortunate accident on everyone’s part, leaving Lily to live with her despicable and dehumanizing father. In the depression and anger Lily faces she runs away particularly searching for a connection to her mother. The lack of parental support that Lily Owens possessed was quite determinant on her future as a roaming, parentless child (Source D). When parents argue or separate and leave the child lonely the environment left for them is an unhealthy place for learning and growing as an individual. Lily’s parents had profound influence on her physically, emotionally and mentally. Not only did it affect Lily, but also her father, T-Ray, did not have the nature of a mother to balance out his nature as a father when Lily’s mom was absent. When households contain couples with strong marital relationships, each individual is allowed a safe environment to interact and live his or her life, to grow and...

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