Mark Is 16 And Has Lived With Bryon Since He

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Mark is 16 and has lived with Bryon since he was 9 and his parents killed each other. Bryon and Mark go to the bar/pool hall owned by Charlie a friend of Bryon's and try to hustle some people at pool but find no one to hustle. They meet up with M&M and go to the bowling alley it's a long way so Mark offers to hot wire a car, but Bryon says no because Mark is still on probation for the last car he stole. M&M decided to leave the bowling alley before the others. M&M noticed that 3 guys are following him and it was Curly Shepherd and his friends. They begin to try to start a fight then Mark and Bryon jump in and beat up the three boys. Mark takes money from one of the boys to pay their bill at Charlie's. The next day they hitched a ride to the hospital were Bryon's mother was recuperating from major surgery. While there his mom asked them to go see Mike, a kid across the hall who had been beaten up and had no visitors.Mark went but Bryon went to the snack shop where he was waited on by Cathy who was M&M's sister. Cathy reconized Bryon but Bryon didn't recognize her until after they had talked for awhile.Bryon left the shop and went upstairs to Mikes room, Mike told him that Mark had left but had said for him to wait for him. While they waited Mike told Bryon why he had gotten beaten up. He had rescued a black girl and had taken her home, she was crying when they arrived and her friends thought he had hurt her, they drug him out of the car and beat him after she said to. Mike told Bryon he was not mad at her or her friends, he understood why. Mark arrived and he and Bryon left, Mark told Bryon he though Mike was stupid. Bryon tried to get a job with Charlie at the bar but Charlie said that things were to tight to hire anyone, but Charlie did let him borrow...

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666 words - 3 pages you crucify love and yourself through the years? / Take what the gods have to offer and standing serene, rise forth as a / rock against darkening skies; / and yet you do nothing but grieve, sunken deep in your sorrow, / Catullus, / for it is hard, hard to throw aside years lived in poisonous love that/ has tainted your brain / and must end." In addition, toward the end of the poems, he prays to the gods to set him free from this despair: "Cleanse

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2449 words - 10 pages The British government employed many different tactics trying to restore, maintain or create peace in Ireland and Northern Ireland since the deployment of British troops in 1969. These tactics have been of greatly varying success, with some achieving the goals of the British and some creating an even worse situation.The 1970’s did not begin well for Northern Ireland. The policy of Internment simply began a chain reaction of other violent

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1253 words - 5 pages Essay Question: It is only since 1945 that any real progress has been made in advancing the rights and freedoms of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.The first real attempt to raise awareness of the lack of equality facing Indigenous Australians, was the Day of Mourning campaign of 1938. Indigenous activist and community members, walked a silent protest to the Australian Hall and this protest took place on Australia day. The Day

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1246 words - 5 pages Act 3 scene 3 in 'Othello' is the pivotal scene of the play. Before it began Othello was blissfully in love with Desdemona. By the end of it, he is devising a means by which to kill her. Discuss how and why this transformation has come about.Othello used to be a cool, calm and collected general, and also a loving husband to Desdemona in the beginning of the play, 'Othello'. However, as we near the end of the play, Othello transformed into an

The Lifetime Of Thomas Jefferson. This report is on Thomas Jefferson and I explain his life and the acomplishments he has done

1066 words - 4 pages Thomas Jefferson was a natural born leader. He showed signs of a strong leader and a great advocate of liberty from an early age. He has contributed greatly to the independence of our country, and the stability to keep it alive. Through the hard times of the Revolutionary War, and the struggle to secede from Britain, Jefferson was always there and ready with a new idea.On April 13, 1743, at Shadwell at Albemarle County, Virginia, Jane Randolph

Race and Alienation - This analytical essay describes a person who has been alienated and how he/she is similar to a character in "To Kill A Mockinbird"

986 words - 4 pages would not necessarily work for Tom Robinson. True, Tom is innocent but he hardly did anything to give an award for, so the best way to reconnect him back into society and give justice is to reform and change the jury that found him guilty in the first place. To accomplish that task the jury would slowly have to be changed with a more varied jury, so it is truly more like a jury of the peers.Harriet Tubman and Tom Robinson are the Mockingbirds either

This essay breifly goes over who Al Capone is and the influence he has in not only the 1920's, but early American history as well

1007 words - 4 pages hemorrhaging.Although Al Capone did as he pleased and obtained money, women, and power, he paid his price in full. He suffered for every selfish act he committed. However, the many who followed in his example did not get to see Capone receive his ramification. "The pattern of violence he set and the organization he built did not disappear with either his imprisonment or death. It is still not dead." People in the 1920's did not relize that there are consequences

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5323 words - 21 pages Croft. This is just before Birling, who is described as 'a heavy-looking, rather portentous man...with fairly easy manners but rather provincial in his speech' congratulates them both by acting the great father as he presents not one but quite a few speeches. Much of the play's success depends upon the dramatic irony, which J.B.Priestley creates. We see this in the mistaken view that Mr Birling has about the future, his faith in technology and belief

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661 words - 3 pages .) succeeded in turning the company around by following a few simple planning strategies: define the mission, set goals and objectives, develop related strategies, and follow up by monitoring the plan. A mission is the principle of the company. It is why the company survives. Accordingly, planning starts with plainly describing the mission of the organization. The mission statement should be expansive, obvious and to the point, abbreviating

Information Privacy and whether it has changed since the World Wide Web

657 words - 3 pages Information Privacy and whether it has changed since the World Wide Web Information privacy is related to personal data that is usually stored on computers and online servers (Litman, 2000). However, the information that internet users share online is not private as companies use this information or sell it to the other companies and governments who are interested in the information (Litman, 2000). Before the introduction of the internet and

"The Postman" is a film directed by Kevin Costner and starred by he himself. This review is complete with character analysis and summary

957 words - 4 pages THE POSTMANDirector: Kevin CostnerScreenwriter: Eric RothCharacters:The Postman.................................KEVIN COSTNERHe is a drifter who earns his meals and shelter by performing Shakespeare for the few who've managed to survive and have formed their own townships.Bethlehem....................................WILL PATTONBethlehem is a classic historic figure, the brutal conqueror. He has a complex character with inner contradictions and a

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