Mark's And Spencers Corporate Social Responsibilty

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1Lydia SteinhoferGlobal Human Resource ManagementTest 2IMS 4330 Part One Short Topic EssayJuly 31, 2014Marks & Spencer's Plan AAbout Marks and SpencerMarks and Spencer is a major British multinational retailer headquartered in the City of Westminster, London. It specializes in the selling of clothing, home products and luxury food items. Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer founded M&S in 1884 in Leeds, England. M&S has grown from a single market stall to operating in over 50 territories worldwide. ( recently, M&S was the largest retailer in the UK with 12% of the UK's market share and 4% of the UK's food market. It has 798 stores to ...view middle of the document...

Fair Partnership with Suppliers; Introducing random checking of suppliers to ensure that M&S's global sourcing principals are being adhered to.Healthy lifestyle for customers and employees; introducing more nutritionally balanced food with more information labeling, no artificial coloring, and reduced salt. (Hazard).M&S has now introduced Plan A 2020 which it describes on its website as, "100 new, revised and existing commitments, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world's most sustainable major retailer. ( Porter a Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School, and leading authority on competitive strategy and the application of strategic approaches to social needs, such as health care, innovation, and corporate responsibility explains as the keynote speaker at the Shared Value Summit May 31, 2012 about the role of business in social and economic development. There he stated, "That businesses must reconnect company success with social progress," he further said, "That the purpose of the corporation must be redefined, as creating shared value, not just profit, per se." ( roles of HRM and IHRM should strive to integrate Professor Porter's advice....

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