Mark Twain: An Authentic History Author

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As time passed more and more he became a bigger and bigger icon in the United States. Mark Twain changed the way writing was understood, he found realism in his memories from his childhood that was discovered to be controversial but overall truthful about the time period. Mark Twain grew up in Missouri and expressed his exotic and memories throughout his books. He wrote some of the most realistic fictional novels and really captured the life of kids in the late 1800’s. Although his life turned into a overwhelming depression, his books will live on forever and so will his glory years.

The memories that Mark Twain created and eventually wrote about, were the ones that he experienced growing up in Missouri. Samuel Clemens, often referred to his alias as Mark Twain, was born on November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri. At the age of four he moved to his new home in Hannibal, Missouri which was located on the Mississippi River. “The gamblers, stevedores, and pilots, the boisterous raftsmen and elegant travelers, all bound for somewhere surely glamorous and exciting, would have impressed a young boy and stimulated his already active imagination.” (History) It really seemed like nothing he did wasn’t exciting, just like throughout his books. Parts of his family owned slave which lead to Samuel listening and learning about all the stories from their past. “In 1847‚ when Sam was 11‚ his father died. Shortly thereafter he left school‚ having completed the fifth grade‚ to work as a printer’s apprentice for a local newspaper.” (Mark Twain House) This was the beginning to many new writing jobs besides the one that he had as a riverboat pilot. He bumped around jobs for a while before even getting a recognition for any of his writings.

At age thirty, he began to use his new pen name, Mark Twain. This showed himself that this was a new start. Later that year he finally caught the public’s eye with his short story titled Jim Smiley and his Jumping Frog, which got the attention of many. He then started his first lecture tour which lead him being a “successful stage performer.” (Mark Twain House) Mark Twain decided to sign up for a boat tour of europe, he wrote many observations of everything around him and kept them to then rewrite about it in his first book, The Innocents Abroad. Charles Langdon was also a passenger on the trip and was soon to be brother-in-law after meeting then showing a picture of his sister Olivia to Mark Twain. After only two years, Olivia and Samuel were married and decided move to Hartford, Connecticut. It was now that he started his family of three children and writing his most famous books. Often times when he wrote, he would get distracted and couldn’t focus while at the Hartford home, thus resulting in him escaping to his sister-in-law’s farm to write in peace and quiet. Along with many others it is here he wrote The Adventure of Tom Sawyer, “recounts the mischievous adventures of a boy growing up along the Mississippi River, was...

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