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Mark Twain expresses his feelings and thoughts about the dark sides of human nature through this book "Jim's and Huck's behavior takes the form of anything but saintliness . . ." (Foner 117) in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. "That book was made by Mr. Mark Twain, and he told the truth, mainly." (Clemens 7). In the first paragraph of the novel, Huck Finn has already brought up the lies and truth into his story. Mark Twain expresses his feelings and thoughts about the dark sides of human nature through this book. As the story progresses, the readers find out that almost all of the characters pretend to be something that they are not. "The whole slaveholding society is made up of actors and pretenders - pretending to believe in brotherhood, gentleness and Christian charity while killing, cheating and imprisoning each other." (Johnson 23). The first pretender in the book is Ms. Watson. She assumes the role of a religious figure when she herself owns a slave and constantly talks about damning people to the "bad place". Childish play could also be considered a form of pretending Ben Rogers, Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, and Jo Harper meet up and decide to form a gang called "Tom Sawyer's Gang". The boys claim to be a group of murderers and thieves when they are actually little boys that just want to have some fun. Pap is the father of Huck, but not very much of one. He's the town drunk, at one point in the book Pap feigns to be a reformed drunk at the new Judge's house. The judge gives him a new coat, which he trades for whisky. He ends up getting drunk, falling and breaking his arm. Throughout the book the King and Duke are the prime example of pretender's and are even called such by Huck Finn "It didn't take me long to make up my mind that these liars warn't no kings nor dukes, at all, but just low-down humbugs and frauds" (Clemens 102). They go and cheat unsuspecting people from towns out of their money and then when someone catches them, they just move on to the next town. Huck pretends that he does not know that the King and Duke are frauds even when he does. Sometimes people pretend that they don't know something just to protect themselves. Huck is trying to protect himself and Jim from these two figures that are overpowering them.Huck pretends that he has several different identities, such as Sarah Mary Williams, George Peters, George Jackson and Tom Sawyer. People in our society often falsify their identity to get what they want. When Huck played the part of Sarah Mary Williams he tries to find out how the town was reacting to Huck and Jim's disappearance from a lady in St. Petersburg. Huck gets what he wants when she tells him that she saw smoke on Jackson's Island. Huck, then, is so anxious to get back to the island so that he and Jim can leave, he forgets he is playing the part of a girl. When the lady discovers that Huck is a boy he makes up yet another story saying that his name is George...

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