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What can be better than by using a drink one can make friends with his or her idol? With Coca-Cola, that magical drink is real. In the advertisement in 1979, Coca-Cola Company featured Mean Joe Green, who is a former football player, who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL to publicize its product.
In the opening scene of the commercial, press and security are standing with their backs to the corridor to the locker room. Mean Joe is limping back to the locker room. A boy tries to catch up to talk to him. There is a tracking shot for about one second with Mean Joe and the boy walking, which makes the audience feel like the two figures are coming towards them. Very quickly, the shot changes to a close shot at Joe turning back towards the sound of the boy calling him. Joe’s face is uncomfortable and tired. He seems to not want anyone to bother him. Nervously, the boy expresses his admiration to Joe and asks him if he wants to drink the boy’s Coca-Cola. At first, Joe refuses. The audience goes through the brief conversation between Joe and the boy with many close up and cuts as the advertisement emphasizes on the face expressions of Joe and the boy. Afterward, Mean Joe reluctantly takes the Coke from the boy’s hand. During this moment, the audience can see Joe’s hand and the boy’s face. The boy then expresses a hopeful face because his sport idol accept the coke from him. As soon as Joe says “ok” to the boy’s offer, the music is turned on and Mean Joe starts smiling. From there, the advertisement shows a close up of Mean Joe drinking all of the Coke. While he is drinking, we have another cut viewing the boy who is looking at Joe drinking. The boy thinks that Mean Joe would not talk to him again so he decides to go. While he is walking out, there is a low angle and a long shot during which the audience could feel the boy’s sadness and disappointment as there is cheering outside, and the corridor seems darker than usual, while the boy is leaving. But then, Joe calls him back and throws him his game shirt with the phrase: “Hey kid, catch!”, which is similar to what a football player says to another. The boy cheerfully catches the shirt and says thank to Joe. The commercial ends with a close up with Joe’s face smiling and the music stops at the word “smile”.
For more than first half of the commercial, the entire scene seems to be gloomy. However, when...

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