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Market Potential Of Composite Cylinders For Cng/Hydrogen And Other Uses

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Composite Cylinders is the modern alternative of traditional steel cylinders. They are used for variety of applications, both industrial and home. It is a superior cylinder made from advanced polymeric and composite materials while combining uncompromising safety, quality, design and innovation into the future standard for gas containment. Hydrogen composite cylinders are basically used for storage and transportation of low temperature gases.

Compressed natural gas can be used in place of gasoline, diesel fuel and LPG. It is mainly used in cars and locomotives. CNG does not contain any lead therefore eliminating fouling of spark plugs. It is low on cost and maintenance, pollution and more on efficiency. Being a gaseous fuel, CNG mixes easily and evenly in air.

Market Potential of Composite Cylinders for CNG
As automobiles are increasing and India’s total CNG vehicle’s consumption is 6th i.e Registered fleet is 1.5 million (at 2013). In India the ...view middle of the document...

As Auto LPG station as a segment is growing. The demand for the gas is growing. The demand for gas is growing day by day because of the conversion of automobile, two –wheeler or four wheeler into gas . We are getting increasing volumes day after day and more and more revenue as well .

Hydrogen and CNG can directly uses as fuel in fuel cell to generate electricity. Hydrogen can use as alternative power source when use with fuel cell for generating electricity, used with oxygen for under water flame cutting, used with argon for plasma cutting primary stainless steel and aluminum. It has the highest thermal conductivity than other gases and higher pressure than other fuel gases.

Market Potential of Composite Cylinders for Hydrogen
Hydrogen price depends upon numerous factors such as demand and supply and also transportation cost. However, at a bare minimum, the fundamental cost of Hydrogen production is characteristically the largest contributor for determination of price to the customer. Hydrogen is available at lowest price in India in Mumbai and Gujarat region because this area has the maximum number of Chlor Alkali plants, and also has least cost fossil fuel –Natural gas , the logic that Chlor Alkali plant will be unwilling to sell Hydrogen gas at a inexpensive than Cost of equivalent energy quantity. It would take 10Nm3 of hydrogen gas = energy present in 1 gallon or 8.3 pound of coal. The price realization of Hydrogen without Government Support is good enough to support the pilot projects. As oil prices raise, the price realization of Hydrogen produced from renewable sources will only go up.With Public / Private Participation, the model of “Small Scale Hydrogen Production in the Small Scale Rural Sector can be replicated across India, to provide livelihood to Millions of rural population. This will also help India in achieving energy security in the long run. It is basically imperative Journey towards carbonless fuel in 1700- WOOD, in 1850-COAL, in 1950 OIL, in 2000 NATURAL GAS and in 2020 .hydrogen gas as a fuel looks more promising and several pilot project are under progress .HYDROGEN . by the above analysis we can see that hydrogen demand in increasing in a fastest rate and it will become one of the most demanding fuel in near future

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