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Market Research Implementation Plan Essay

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Market Research Implementation Plan
There are many times throughout the product life cycle when an organization may decide to enhance or upgrade one of its products so that it can remain competitive in an ever-changing business world. The changes that the organization decides to make will have a decisive effect on the continued sale of the product. For an organization to successfully make changes that will benefit and appeal to potential customers, it must first conduct extensive market research to pinpoint the changes that will provide the greatest benefit to the sale of the product. Barnes and Noble are in the process of upgrading its version of a tablet, the Nook. Prior to making changes, the management team responsible for identifying the necessary changes must first perform market research and create an implementation plan.
Marketing Research
In an effort to provide multiple avenues for purchase of the Nook, Barnes & Noble reached a deal with Best Buy to become a retail channel for their tablet. The popularity of games caused Barnes & Noble to announce a software update, including a web browser and android-based games. Other upgrades Nook has put into effect include additional reading and device performance enhancements. The Nook also has improved page turn speed, faster access to e-books that have already been opened, and an enhanced color touch-screen navigation system (Kolakowski, 2010).
Nook is also offering a new version that supports only a Wi-Fi connection and is competitively priced at $149. Tony Astarita, vice president for digital products at Barnes &, has stated that the new Nook was built in response to market research and customer feedback. "It's targeted at someone who's a solid reader but someone with Wi-Fi availability at home or outside the home and is not as mobile a traveler or reader as a 3G person," he told PCWorld. Additional features include time-limited lending of books between users on the Nook platform. This also includes software that runs on a number of mobile devices, including Apple’s Ipad "Our strategy is any book, any time, any place," Astarita stated. It also offers complementary access to some 20,000 AT&T wireless hotspots across the country (Mello, 2010).
Barnes & Noble has marketed the Nook Color with a heavy emphasis toward women, because they make up the majority of e-reader owners. Barnes& Noble CEO William Lynch once told Peter Kafka, a senior editor at All Things Digital that Nook’s target audience is “a woman with 2.3 kids.” In an attempt to appeal to women, Barnes & Noble is running a marketing campaign featuring bestselling authors. We saw one spot starring Glee star Jane Lynch who recently published her memoir Happy Accidents. Other ads will feature James Patterson, Danielle Steel and Stephen King. Lynch also mentioned at a press conference that the Nook easily fits into a purse (Owen, 2011).
A recent survey shows that while portable and console gaming industry...

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