Market Screening Report: An Analysis For Visy Industries

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Visy Industries was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1948. The company has grown to become one of the world's largest privately-owned paper recycling and packaging companies. In 2003, Visy employs more than 8,000 people in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The company's total manufacturing revenues exceed $2.5 billion and total manufacturing assets exceed $3 billion.REPORT OBJECTIVESVisy has the basic foundation to expand into international market from the experience in the industry point of view. This market screening report is assigned to identify the best country for Visy Industries to target. The countries to analyse for the company's expansion include Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands and Japan. Since each of the four countries has different market characteristics, the analysis needs to be able to cover factors which could determine the company's success or failure. Thus, an analysis would be done at the macro level as well as the micro level.MARKET SCREENING PROCESS AND CRITERIAThe market screening process in this report is adapted from various methods such as Walwood's model for selecting foreign markets in 1980 (cited in Jeannet 2004, p. 140), the five stages overseas market selection process suggested by Fletcher and Brown (2002), and the course lecture note. These methods can be said relatively similar to each other because of the fact that they all start with the screening in macro level, or preliminary screening. This preliminary screening is generally an analysis on the potential market. Each country's degree of attractiveness could be identified at this stage of screening process. The process requires particular market's data which show the overview and related details. Then the fine grained screening in a micro level would be done.As the market/country attractiveness matrixes have to be done later, percent weight of each attribute would be provided along with the analysis. This is because the percent weight must be given based on the significance and effects each attribute has toward the firm's ability to manage an operation in each market/country.In this report, criteria used to identify the most promising country with attractiveness and competitive strengths include market characteristics, competitive conditions, financial and economic conditions, and legislative and sociopolitical conditions. Some criteria for screening process are based on the recommended process in screening for market selection by Fletcher and Brown (2002) and the preliminary screening criteria suggested in the course material provided for Lecture 4 by Beaujanot (2005), the course lecturer.The criteria chosen for an analysis are believed to be able to reduce number of markets or countries which would consequently facilitate the most promising market selection for Visy Industries. At the end, the four countries' degree of attractiveness would be weighed based on how attractive they are in each criterion.MARKET SIZE AND DEMAND (Weight given = 15%)In order...

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