Market Study On Establishing An All Male Dormitory In Cebu City Philippines

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Chapter 1INTRODUCTION / BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYAs the world of academe and business evolve into a kaleidoscope of changes, the need for a fast-paced epitome of development must arise. One key that will open the access to the said progress is the formation of youth in one's nation. And since the academe takes part in the configuration of these individuals in our nation, then it must impart resources to these people.The role of business is as profound as of that of the academe. It must not only look after the digits of the profits achieved but at the same time the betterment of the society. It must take into consideration the needs of the people around, the environment issues that may be involved, and the impact of it as a whole. Thus, it is of great importance that the business sectors take part in the development of the nation's youth.The needs that evolve on the existence of a youth are food, shelter, clothing and education. The last element mentioned plays a vital function in shaping the youth of the nation. It provides the necessary tools to manage a nation, and to understand the essence of survival.Yet there are many hindrances in attaining completion of education. One of the major reasons is poverty. Although it is of huge importance to tackle the issue at hand, there are some minor issues that give the same blow as that. As a student in school, the youth may be influenced by his or her environment, the people around, the facilities, and the events taking place. In lieu to this, the student has to struggle balancing freedom and independence at the same time and most of all perseverance and self-reliance.Thus, the environment is one of the factors to make or break a student. Then a student, who is away form home, may get a lion's share of the dilemma of adjustment to his or her environment. That's when the commencement of the collision of forces between the business sectors and the academe will start crackling a solution to this problem.1.1 Rationale of the StudyBanilad has been a lucrative place for universities and colleges these days. Yet in this barangay, only few boarding houses and dormitories provide the needs of the students in terms of housing, food and security. With the surge of students seeking education here in Cebu City from neighboring provinces, the researchers ascertained that there is an increase demand for such housing. There are existing dormitories around the area but it is only exclusive for female students leaving the male students deprived of such opportunity.Parents wanted their children to be always safe. But how can the parents be assured that somebody will look after them since they are not around to take care of their children while studying in Cebu. Students need discipline, guidance and attention. This study is looking at a possibility of helping the parents in taking care of their children and assuring a bright future for them.It has been reported last September 9, 2005 in the Sun Star Cebu that 115 of 209...

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