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Denim and jeans are far from exiting the UK fashion scene, with a grip of new prospect to give the market added momentum.Bootcut, slim-fit, easy-fit, stretch, dark denim, dirty denim, whiskers, mud-washed, sand-blasted, over-dyes and resin baking are just some of the style and ultimate options helping to bring a new life into the traditional five-pocket jeans. In effect reinventions via fits, washes, colours, finishes and construction add to a 40% rise in UK jeans sales, as mentioned in Mintel's 2005 report on the jeans market.Despite a decrease in the women's jeans market at the end of 2005, the sales are starting to take off over again, with 10% growth in the latest 24 weeks.One of the most severely challenging positions at the moment seems to be the youth market, where reasonably priced lines offer the modern shopper a designer fashion hit at a price point that won't break the bank.The global market assessment of the denim and jeanswear industries, with forecasts to 2010, makes the point that there is after all, only so much you can do with a pair of trousers with a back-yoke manufacture in terms of make-up.It has also been noted that as far as fabrication and supply into the fashion jeanswear sector is concerned, Hong Kong and mainland China companies have a strong aggressive edge, mainly in styles that involve anything complex like fashion embroidery or decorative stitching and dying.A glance at the UK high street just now shows how designers and makers are trying to improve upon the classic jeans style.Denim washes are getting shady or more multi-colored with shades of pink and pastels deemed hot for summer 2004; sportswear figure like drawstring waists are cropping up on denim varieties; legs range from wide 70s styles to slim cargo-pants, tight pencil cuts and capris; and there are the more practical buckle-back workwear looks, twisted seams and flap back pockets. New fabric equipment also means materials are getting lighter yet have the same strength as much heavier weight fabrics.Marks & Spencer's new per una dué line launched in May 2004 was designed for the late teens to early 30s female. Its harder-edged, funky fashion items consisted of skinny jeans, and each set had an eight-week lifespan.Levi Strauss is categorizing its whole range to develop products aimed at specific consumer groups with particular retailers in mind. As part of this, it's new Lady Levi's idea range targets teenage girls with a denim hipster jean in light lipstick colours, skirts, capri style pants and oversized zip pants. Fabrics consist of stretch and non-stretch 10/11 oz denim with yellow and pink signature strip, and the range will retail at £30 to £45.However it has been noted that jeanswear is still seeing growth for boys' jeans, but the girls' market has slowed and declines after rapid growth hit the highest point early in 2005. It has been estimated that the girls' jeans market was worth £105 million in the 2005 to February...

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