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TROY'S ASSIGNMENTIndexpage1 Cover page2 Index page3-8 Part 1 - The macroenvironment8-14 Part 2 - The marketing mix15 BibliographyINTRODUCTIONWithin this report the macro-forces of an industry will be analysed, continuing on to comparethe marketing mix of two organisations within that industry. All organisations - with theirsuppliers, customers, competitors, and publics - have a macroenvironment. This environmentconsists of macro forces that act on and affect the organisation and are generally outside theircontrol, as opposed to the micro forces which also affect the organisation, but are generallyunder their control. The marketing mix is the term used to describe how an organisation goesabout developing a product and selling it to the market.The industry chosen is soft drinks which industry falls into the category of fast-movingconsumable-goods (FMCG's), as it is a product that is consumed, and is fast-moving. Thesewon't sit in a supermarket or convenient store for long, as they are constantly beingpurchased. Other examples of a 'FMCG' are canned foods, ice cream, soup, cereal, potatochips and a whole lot more.PART 1There are six main macro forces making up the "macroenvironment." These are:· The demographic environment - which is the study of human populations in terms of size,density, location, age, sex, race, and occupation1. Studies in this area, for example, canshow the changing age structure, which is necessary, as marketeers need to understandwho makes up the market, thus allowing them to make the most effective decisions for themarketing mix.· The economic environment - which has an effect on consumer purchasing power andspending. For example, if the average income drops, then there is likely to be less buyingpower2.· The natural environment - involves natural resources that are needed as inputs bymarketers or which are affected by marketing activities3. An example of this is the nonrenewableresource, where companies will face increasing prices, as the shortage becomesmore of a problem. Also natural disasters can cause a sudden change in needs.1 Kotler et al (1998) Marketing p1052 Kotler et al (1998) Marketing p1133 Kotler et al (1998) Marketing p116· The technological environment - this can create new markets and opportunities, as well asreplace older ones. It can be of great benefit to society, but also of great disaster e.g guns 4.· The political environment - consists of laws, government agencies and pressure groupsthat influence and limit organisations 5. An example of this is the new legislation passedthat now products need to label all information, including how they are made.· And the cultural environment - which is made up of institutions and other forces that affectsociety's basic values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviours6. An example is of peoplewho are patriotic and may only buy products manufactured by their own country as theybelieve it's for the better.An organisation must...

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5538 words - 22 pages , Vol. 15, pp. 75-85.Crace, D. and Pointon, T. (1980 ), ?Marketing research through the salesforce ?, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 9, pp. 53-8.Davenport, T.H. and Short, J.E. ( 1990), ?The new industrial engineering: information technology and business process redesign?, Sloan Management Review, Vol. 31No. 4, Summer, pp. 11-27.Ferreira, J. and Treacy, M.E. ( 1988), ?It¢s more than just laptops?, Datamation, Vol. 34 No. 21, 1 November


2460 words - 10 pages don't, we may never find the way to exist on the business world today.5. References:Adcock, H.L.,(1998), Marketing Consumer Behavior, Sydney.Baker J. Michael., (1999), Marketing Management, USA.Gwinner R.F, Brown S.W, Hagan A.J, Ostrom L.L, Rowe K.L, Schlacter J.L, Schmidt A.H, Shrock D.L.,(1995), Marketing-An Environmental Perspective, USA.Jobber. David, (2001), Principle And Practice of Marketing,Kotler P, Brown L, Adam S, Armstrong G., (2003), Marketing 6th Edition, NSW. Australia.R.Wilson & C.Gilligan., (1997), The Environment of Marketing, Sydney.http:// (07/05/2004. 21:17)

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