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ADVERTISING PRODUCT NAME: Nike Biking Shoes NAME OF SOURCE: Men's Health DATE VIEWED: April 6, 2000 MAIN APPEAL: Belonging Needs, Esteem Needs, Self-actualization FIRST IMPRESSION: 7 TARGET AUDIENCE: Adult or Adolescent males who play sports TONE: Direct CONTEXT OF AD: Middle of Magazine PROPOSITION: If you buy Nike Biking shoes then you can have the power of a steam engine in your legs to push you further than before.CONNECTION: In this advertisement the main image is a leg that is strapped to the mechanical frame that drives the wheels of the train. The image of the leg strapped to the train shows absolute mechanical power. The connection between the product and the ad is the action that the leg is doing; it reflects the motion of a mechanical frame that moves the train's wheels. This is where "like produces like" comes into play. The photo in the ad suggests that when one wears Nike shoes, his shoes will have the same mechanical power of that of a train's wheels. Thus this image gives the viewer of the ad a simulation of what his leg would be doing on a bike but with more power.STYLE: The ad uses key words and key images to communicate its meaning. A key word used in this ad is "Strapped." The word "Strapped" implies that when you wear Nike shoes you will get a secure tight fit in the shoe. This makes the viewer think that he/she will be able to pedal with strength and the force of a train. Therefore the ad makes you think that the shoes will give one the power of a train engine and in the viewer's eyes makes the Nike biking shoes a superior product to own. Another key words that are used in this ad are "Machine." Machine gives people the thought of something that is close to perfect and doesn't get tried. Wearing Nike shoes allows the wearer to possess the mechanical power of a machine. The last key word is "Forced." This word says that this product makes it easy when you are forced to push on a bike like you have never pushed before. To the viewer this means that when the going gets tough the shoes will help the tough to get going.A memorable image in this ad is a leg attached to the mechanical frame that drives the wheels of the train. The leg attached to the train, gives the impression that the leg wearing the running shoes can be as powerful as the leg that is pushing the train. To the viewer this image enforces the thought of having more strength and power if one wears the biking shoes. Also this ad was made to appear strange to get the viewer's attention so that he/she will then read the words and look at the product. Another memorable aspect of this ad is the colour. In this ad there is only one main colour, gray. To the viewer this makes it seem like the leg is really attached to the train...

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Advertising Essay

1149 words - 5 pages recovery is expected); 3. the past experience with advertising effectiveness; 4. how much the competitors are visible on media; 5. the current cash flow as well as profits.In other words, high advertising is usually linked to the following factors: 1. a market-oriented business culture, with top management raising from marketing department, not e.g. from R&D dept.; 2. the perceived need of providing the market with new information and more positive attitudes; 3. positive examples of advertising effectiveness in the firm's past; 4. high visibility of competitors in the media; 5. abundant cash flow and high profits.

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864 words - 4 pages then along with there. Defining the focus group, choosing the mass media vehicle, deciding the company message etc require adequate time for advertiser. 3. Advertising is at times a monotonous affair It is true that advertising is in times a monotonous extramarital relationship. One needs to repeatedly present the same kind of brand message to shoppers through various media routes. Customers at times find it boring to endure the same old brand

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1766 words - 8 pages 77 percent of all page views for the top 100 sites”, probably earn most of their gross income from selling advertising. For the smaller websites advertising is an important source for fund. “Online advertising is also central to the $34 billion and rising ecommerce economy (U.S. Department of Commerce, 2008)”. (Evans, D. S. 2009) Table of Content 1.0 INTRODUCTION 3 1.1 PURPOSE 3 1.2 DELIVERY METHODS 4 1.3 PAYMENT METHODS 7

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2359 words - 9 pages Brand Name ProductsAdvertising, a form of commercial mass communication designed to promote the sale of a product or service, or a message on behalf of an institution, organization, or candidate for political office. Evidence of advertising can be found in cultures that existed thousands of years ago, but advertising only became a major industry in the 20th century. Today the industry employs hundreds of thousands of people and influences the

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1066 words - 5 pages "Advertising": Searching for a Definition. Journal of Advertising, 63-77. Lee, A. (2013, Oct 03). Retrieved from VS Daily: Li, H. (2011 ). The Interactive Web . Journal of Advertising Research , 13-34. McMillan, S. J. (2004). Internet Advertising: One Face or Many? Internet Advertising: Theory and Research (2nd edition). Oberoi, A. (2013, July 3). Retrieved from Ad Pushup: Puranik, R. (n.d.). Effectiveness of Internet Advertising.

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4468 words - 18 pages classifieds revenue, was $23 billion in 1996 (NAA, 1997). Thus, advertising revenue, excluding classifieds, generated per newspaper reader is $177 in 1996. This is 21 times that for Internet publications. (3) The third observation is that pure direct advertising on the Internet, represented by direct e-mail, has met strong resistance from Internet users, and may have no chance to reach the $35 billion a year level of traditional direct mail (DMA, 1997). A

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1770 words - 7 pages in regards to advertising. The first question to be answered is; What is manipulative advertising? According to Tom Beauchamp, manipulation occupies a position about midway along a continuum of influences ranging from coercion, at one end, to rational persuasion, at the other(pp.3-6). He defines it as including "any deliberate attempt by a person P to elicit a response desired by P from another person Q by noncoercively altering the

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1868 words - 7 pages advertising and tobacco consumption 2. research comparing tobacco consumption within a country before and after an ad ban 3. international comparison of trends in tobacco consumption and anti-tobacco measures Econometric research Numerous studies have investigated the relationship between expenditure on tobacco advertising and consumption of tobacco ([1]). Adjustment must be made for important factors such as product price, available income

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853 words - 4 pages people should be aware of those advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising. Works Cited Copper, J. (2007) Advantages and Disadvantages o Web Advertising Retrieved on February 18, 2104 from Advantages-and-disadvantages-of-Web-Advertising&id=3834925. Evans, D. (2009).The online Advertising Industry: Economics, Evolution, and Privacy. Journal of Economic Perspectives.Volume23, No. 3, pages 37-60. Retrieved


2313 words - 9 pages Boss magazine, 30 May 2004, p30-33Kitchen, P, J., Brignell, J., Li, T., Jones, G, S., (2004), "The Emergence of IMC: A Theoretical Perspective", Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p19, 12p, 2 diagrams.Brunner, L., (2003), "Newspapers Push Process Control to Pressroom". Seybold Report: Analyzing Publishing Technologies, Vol. 3 Issue 15, p1, 6p.Telecom Asia., (2001), "Telstra's portability troubles...", Telecom Asia, Vol. 12 Issue 10

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2860 words - 11 pages Nowadays, it is a consumption society which contains both homogeneity and diversity. As one of the biggest contributor of customer culture changes, advertising is an essential and inevitable element in our daily life which could be visible anywhere and experienced different stages. Early advertisements are generally seemed as “simple, crude and naïve”, while the contemporary advertisements are “persuasive, subtle and intelligent” (McFALL, 2004:3

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2399 words - 10 pages offensive advertising: an Australian Study. TheJournal of Consumer Marketing, 16(3), pg.288.Marketing Week. (2006). Viewpoint: New year, new whipping boys for this society's ills. Makreting Week, pg.15.Halonen, D. (2003). TV dilutes alcohol angst. Television Week, 22(37), pg.1.Anonymous. (1996). A brief history of advertising. Marketing Journal, pg.49-51.Matthews, T. (1997). Lost causes in advertising. B&T, pg.21.Foley, P.J. & Pastore, P