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Marketing Management
Marketing Management While researching through texts and documents, I found several careers that would interest a leader, yet only a few are in high demand and will cause a growth in jobs in the community. Marketing is in the top jobs to have in the US during 2012-2013 according to US News. Marketing general management is mostly about business, advertising, sales, products, income, costumers, etc. This research paper will help you get a better idea on how the marketing business originated and how it has now become one of the best jobs to have in the US.
To help you understand this document better it is organized in four main sections. In the first section I will provide a historical background of this career and its significant events. In the second section I will provide the requirements to obtain such career. The basic requirements like, what kind of education is needed and recommended. Which local colleges will have the best business programs? Which are the best routs to get this job? What other jobs are related? These and more questions will be answered. I will also describe the daily jobs and duties of such job. All this will be divided in different body topics, four topics to be exact, in the first will be history and background. In the next the requirements to this career, then the job description and last the job reflection and outlook. All this will be concluded with a sort conclusion of my point of view over this career and why I choose it.
The term wasn’t established until the 20th century but the simple thought of marketing has been around since a coin value was established and the human race started to trade and sell products and goods with one another. The history of marketing thought deals with the evolution of theories in the field of marketing, from the ancient world. Marketing historians agree that the discipline branched out of at the turn of the twentieth century, though some argue that scholars in the ancient and medieval ages had already studied marketing ideas. Marketing historians like Eric Shaw and Barton A. Weitz point to the publication of Wroe Alderson's book, Marketing Behavior and Executive Action (1957), as a break-point in the history of marketing thought, moving from the macro functions-institutions-commodities approach to a micromarketing management paradigm. After Alderson, marketing began to incorporate other fields of knowledge besides economics, notably behavioral science, becoming a multidisciplinary field. For some scholars, Alderson's book marks the beginning of the Marketing Management Era.
The basic requirements for this career are primarily a high school education and then after that a good collage course, obviously, but not just any course. You will have to get a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business. Although a higher degree is recommended in management it necessarily isn’t required. Another thing that really counts is where you went to college. Many community colleges...

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