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ContentsTopicPage1.0Introduction32.0Above the line or below the line3.0Communications Plan73.1Target Market73.2Mission73.3Money83.4Message83.5Media83.5aPlace advertising - direct service literature93.5bPublic Relations - Press Releases93.6Measurement and evaluation of campaign management104.0Competitor Analysis 115.0Recommendations / Conclusion126.0Bibliography 137.0 Acknowledgements141.0 IntroductionThis report will investigate how CE-Electric (CE-E) can become more proactive in identifying vulnerable customers, for inclusion in their priority service register, and identify how the service can be given wider communication to reach people within the community. There are two types of priority customer 'electricity dependant' by where the customer has electricity dependent medical equipment and 'other priority' whereby the customer is elderly or infirm.This will be done through discussing how above and below the line marketing techniques can be utilised to reach the target market, comparing CE-E's approach to their competitors and devising a communications plan to implement and manage any advertising or promotion campaign for improvement.Advertising has be defined as'Advertising presents the most persuasive possible selling message to the right prospects for the products or service at the lowest possible cost' Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (1985) Cited by Jefkins (1991)Promotion has been defined as'Element of the marketing mix which includes all communications with the consumer, thus including advertising, publicity, public relations, sales promotions etc' BPP (2004)2.0 Above the line or below the line.This section of the report will look at and compare above and below the line marketing techniques, how they have been and could be used by CE-E to advertise and promote their priority service register.Above the line promotion has been defined as'Above-the-line is an advertising technique using mass media to promote brands. Major above the line techniques include TV, radio advertising, print advertising and internet banner ads' (Accessed 2 January 2007)Above the line (ATL) communication aims to reach out to a mass audience using highly visible and expensive campaigns. There are various methods of ATL communications including television, radio, press, cinema and posters. For example•Television may be expensive, viewers are not focused during commercial breaks, lead times are very long and there is little flexibility to change short notice. Current trends show companies are sponsoring programmes rather than commercial breaks. i.e. Carlsberg sponsor football matches targeting the mass of beer drinking males watching football and Cadbury's sponsor Coronation Street both parties have become a traditional long running part of society.Below the line advertising has been defined as'Below the line advertising typically focuses on direct means of communication, most commonly direct mail or email, often using specific lists of...

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1383 words - 6 pages 14 -1 Copyright © 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall i t 's good and good for you Chapter Fourteen Communicating Customer Value: Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy 14 -2 Copyright © 2012Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall • The promotion mix is the specific blend of advertising, public relations, personal selling, and direct-marketing tools that the company uses to persuasively

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