Marketing Alliances And Sucess Factors Essay

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe purpose of this paper is to provide a broad overview of the extent and nature of alliances. It seeks to answer some basic questions about alliances in the Business toBusiness marketing arena. Are alliances as extensive as the discussions and anecdotal evidence suggests? How have their numbers and character changed over time? Who are the participants? Are the most common alliances between Marketing companies? How are they structured and how much money is involved? Is licensing the main game or are there other aspects of structuring alliances that are important?This research sought to understand the strategic alliances made by the firms for improving their commerce initiatives. Our goals were to understand why firms form strategic alliances for their commercial efforts, and what influences their choice on the type of alliances they make. Two theoretical perspectives, namely resource-basedview of firm and contingency theories were used to explain firm decisions on strategicalliances and their choice of alliance modes. There are several important implications of our research for research and practice. It has been observed that the bargaining power of a firm in an economic exchange is determined by the assets it owns in the relationship.The firms ought to be willing to make a considerable investment in the shared assets if they expect high returns to flow from the cooperative relationship.In this paper, we have provided a framework that allows us to begin to understand theplethora of strategic alliances that exist in the business to business marketing world, and to explore when different types of asset ownership and contractual arrangements would be optimal. This paper also stress the importance of spillovers, ex post contracting problems, and relationships. We show how and why these factors are important.Our simple model allows us to characterize and contrast a variety of governancestructures, including coopetition, acquisitions, mutual divestitures, strategic divestitures, license contracts, royalty agreements, and also joint venturesOverall, the research that we cite indicates that the formation of strategic alliances represents a success factor for startups that promote access to necessary resources and signaling of their capabilities through the leverage that their partners' resources create.TABLE OF CONTENTSEXECUTIVE SUMMARYLITERATURE AND THEORETICAL BACKGROUNDCompetitive Advantage from Strategic AlliancesRECOMENDATIONSCONCLUSIONBIBLIOGRAPHYINTRODUCTIONAlliances in business have a long history, but over the past couple of decades they have become an important feature of business to business marketing organization to such an extent that Dunning, a prominent researcher of multinational enterprises since the 1950's, has described this new trend which gives increased emphasis to cooperation as well as competition between firms as 'alliance' capitalism. His view is that this has been brought about by globalization and a series of...


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2633 words - 11 pages -111.Ohmae, K. (1989) The Global Logic of Strategic Alliances, in Beyond National Borders, Dow-Jones, Irwin.Osland, G. & Yaprak, A. (1994) Learning Through Strategic Alliances: Processes and Factors That Enhance Marketing Effectiveness, European Journal of Marketing, 29;3, 52-66.Shamdasani, P. & Sheth, J. (1994) An Experimental Approach to Investigating Satisfaction and Continuity in Marketing Alliances, European Journal of Marketing 29,4, 6-19.


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604 words - 2 pages lived up to the expectations of the initiators. 60% of strategic alliances fail (Kalmbach and Roussel, 1999 as cited by Elmuti and Kathawala, 2001). Certain factors have been implicated in making global strategic alliances prone to failure. Parkhe (2001) listed these factors as societal cultures, national context, corporate culture, strategic directions and management practices and organisation. The GSAs are formed by two or more firms from

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