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Marketing Analysis For Grandma's Treats

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Since Grandma's Treats (GT) started offering their unique product to local businesses, their client list has started to grow and the demand being made for the product is urging them to expand. A current customer of GT has recommended the use of the Internet to assist GT in their expansion. Due to the fact that GT's provides a bakery product, marketing via the Internet seemed their best solution to expand. In turn, this will allow GT time to prepare their product and visit potential clients if needed. Additionally, a website will allow GT to continue to promote their product while gaining additional clients and customers. The website will provide a portal for not only clients (B2B) but customers (B2C). Current and prospective clients can maintain their supply and order information through GT's website, ensuring they continually have product on hand. Customers will have the ability to order by product, specifying individual amounts they wish to purchase.Since GT offers a special, low-sugar, dietary product, their main focus will be towards eateries, restaurants, diners, caterers, etc. GT hopes to have three-quarters of their client-base be these types of markets. However, GT will also provide their delicacies to individual customers as well.Design of the website can be fairly easy with a variety of tools readily available to assist. Still, the initial start-up costs of an Internet based business can actually be higher than a traditional business; GT is prepared to take the step. Ensuring they have adequate equipment and the appropriate website functionality is a priority for GT. GT is also prepared to go through their recipes and decide what they are able to sell on the website. They understand that perishables might be an issue and are prepared to take the appropriate shipping considerations if they decided to market those products.GT plans to increase...

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