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IntroductionPetSmart is marketing the new service of dog walking for and enhancing a doggy day care service. The dog walking service will be enhanced by marketing pick-up service (door-to-door service), walking service while a customer shops (just drop your dog off for exercise while you shop or run errands), and even a doggy daycare while you work which will provide your pet with socialization. This paper will address an organizational overview, new product description, a SWOTT analysis, marketing research, segmentation, differentiation and positioning, stage of the product life cycle, marketing mix, a budget and ways to control and monitor the marketing plan. The following paper will define and identify how PetSmart plans to market and target additional customers, and maximize profits for shareholders.Organizational OverviewIn 1987, the first two PetSmart stores opened their doors in Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission is to provide total lifetime care for pets and customers. Currently PetSmart Inc. is the number one retailer in the Unites States for pet supplies with more than eight hundred stores in the United States and Canada with over 12,000 different products. PetSmart offers brand name merchandise and our own line of products. These products are available in store, via the internet, and through catalogues. Many of our retail chain locations offer services such as low cost veterinarian services, grooming, adoption facilities, boarding, and obedience training. This culmination has led PetSmart to net over 182 million dollars for 2005 (PetSmart, 2006).Description of New Service(s)The following new services offer different options for the dog pet owner. First, a dog walking service for pet owners who wish to have their dogs exercised during the day. There are three options available for this service. One option is for a member of the PetSmart team to pick up the dog at their residence and walk the dog in the neighborhood for intervals of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Another option is that the owner can drop his or her dog off at one of our stores that offer the service. Walking time will be the same regardless whether the location is the dog's neighborhood or the store. A third option is a daily Doggie Daycare center. The pet owner has the option of dropping off the pet for care during normal store hours.The Doggie Daycare center will provide daycare for dogs for a minimum of one-hour. Added to this option is the fact that the pet owner will tailor the care to his or her desires and the needs of the pet. Standard daycare will consist of an indoor kennel, called a "Doggie Den," with unlimited access to an outdoor section. Each Doggie Den will have a luxury dog bed, new dog toys, and a free flowing supply of fresh drinking water. The animals are watched according to the customers' desired schedule and each 4-hour stay will include a 15-minute interval of individual dog walking at no charge.Additional services for a dog's stay will include a "Doggie...

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Marketing Research Paper

802 words - 3 pages The understanding of Kudler Fine Foods vast need to lead the market in the gourmet products industry and provide potential customers a variety of foods like bakery, produce, wines, cheese, dairy products, gourmet meats and seafood's, without excluding all the tools a cook might need is necessary to understand and justify the marketing research for the company.Kathy Kudler came up with the idea of creating a store to satisfy all those needs in

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1432 words - 6 pages vegetables, gourmet cheeses and an eclectic selection of wines and liquors. As the company has prosperously expanded it is essential for Kudler Fine Foods to remain current in their marketing strategy. An overview will be provided identifying the importance of marketing research as it aids in marketing strategy, offer recommendations regarding Kudler Fine Food in which more extensive market research may benefit the company and analyze the role in

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789 words - 3 pages Marketing can be interrupted in several different ways depending on the services or product that is trying to be sold. There are many ways to advertise a product; one can promote a product visually on a newspaper, magazines, television commercial, or on the internet; it can also be advertised orally by word of mouth. I would define marketing as the way to advertise and promote a product that one is trying to sell. The purpose of this paper is to

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Marketing Research Paper

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Marketing Research Paper

1630 words - 7 pages a homeschooling guide and methodology book? $8 to $10 dollars – 6% $10 to $15 dollars – 51% $15 to $20 dollars – 39% $20 or more dollars – 4% 10. Would you like advice about how to deal with children who have difficulty learning? Yes – 86% No – 14% 11. Are you currently homeschooling your children? Yes – 73% No – 27% David M. Hayes – Marketing Research Paper Survey start date: 2/24/2014 and end date: 2/28/2014. Total respondents: 475

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818 words - 3 pages information over time. The company market budget will consist of new initiatives, marketing communication, marketing research and expenditures, and the growth strategy. New initiatives will include consumer and customers having cooking classes, rollout of program for research and development, and a program for supplier relations. Marketing communication will include local newspaper, radio stations, sponsoring different sporting events to help with