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Marketing And Advertisement: Anti Alcohol Advertisements Campaigns

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Advertising in business is a form of marketing which includes products, service and culture images to attract consumers’ attention. Traditionally, organizations use advertisements as a method to stimulate the consumption behaviors as well as the economic growth. However, in terms of positive effects on health perception, advertisements are used to ‘demarket’ to decrease the demand for a product or service. Contrast to improving market, demarket may be defined as a strategy marketing to decrease demand of harmful products or services like drugs, alcohol, tobacco. (Block, Morwitz, Putsis & Sen (1999) cited in Surdyka (2006)). As a mainly context, Governments and some Health Care Organizations ...view middle of the document...

As regards of the recent Australian statistics in 2009, “the number of Indigenous Australian aged 15 years and over smoked regularly is more than twice that of non-Indigenous Australians”. Therefore, Australian Government run the anti-smoking mass media campaigns and the research evaluates a positive effect of each advertisement on knowledge of health among Indigenous consciousness. The result demonstrates that advertisements with strong imagery depicting the health effects of smoking were rated highest at 95% of message acceptance and 89% of personalized effectiveness by Indigenous smokers. In comparison with advertisements which feature the family of the patients are rated at a lowest point (80% of message acceptance and 63% of personalized effectiveness). However, these advertisements also have meaningful exposure to mainstream messages to motivate smokers quitting tobacco.
It has been suggested that anti-alcohol advertisements campaigns can decrease the accidents when driving as well as prevent social problems. Wilkinson & Room (2009) assert the evidence and the effect of warnings on alcohol containers and advertisements. In this context, the Government does effort in warning the drinkers about the health risks and danger from alcohol abuse by alcohol warning labels. For instance, the labels should give details of the alcohol unit content such as listing of the ingredients, the amount of using, the nutritional information and the safe daily limits for consumption in man and women. Using warning alcohol labels on beverage containers are different purposes serve different interests. US Government encourages the product labels or warning with two aims: on one hand, alcohol can damage your health and cause birth defects during the pregnancy; on the other hand, the sellers and producers will prefer to present information on the attractions of the product. The result shows the optimistic sign in 82% of Ireland and 85% of UK agreed with warning labels and 13 percent of respondents would buy less alcohol if warnings are on products. In US, the awareness was greater among young consciousness (61% of 18–29 year olds) and 74% of heavy drinkers....

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