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The company your team works for, Z-Wing is working to keep up its market share now that its closest competition has captured 47% of the current market. The Head of Commercial Aviation has been tasked with "staying ahead of Janssen (the competition) and maintaining Z-Wing's position as a world leader". Chairman Aaron Weiss has asked your team to conduct research in several key areas to generate innovative ideas on how to maintain Z-Wing's leading edge.Topic A: Select Topic "Market Research Approach"Instructions for Topic A: In the Response row, each team member must list at least one article related to this topic. For each article provide a brief explanation of why it was selected and what specific advice it offers the Marketing manager.Response to Topic A:"It's not neurosurgery, but..."The article was chosen because it focuses on the efforts of marketing researchers to improve the marketing of products and services to consumers. The article also discusses the impact of technological innovations to marketing research, the approaches used in marketing research, and the role of marketing researchers in business. "Perhaps the most important trend is market researchers' expanded role, from being technicians to being business consultants who use research as one tool. Advertising and PR executives, brand managers and management consultants have entered the field to bring a broader perspective on using data to make decisions." (Kay, 2001) The Marketing manager will benefit from understanding and implementing technological innovations related to market research because the data gathered and the research performed will assist Z-Wing gain market share.Kay, D., It's not neurosurgery, but..., Marketing Magazine; 04/16/2001, Vol. 106 Issue 15, p21.Topic B: Select Topic "New Product Process"Instructions for Topic B In the Response row, each team member must list at least one article related to this topic. For each article provide a brief explanation of why it was selected and what specific advice it offers the Marketing manager.Response to Topic B:"Market-Oriented New Product Development of Meal Replacement and Meal Complement Beverages"The article discusses how having strong market orientation and a new product development process that is focused on the customer are both critical to the new product development cycle. The article also highlights market-oriented research methodologies related to consumer interaction with the personnel involved in product development."Using the voice of the end-user in the early design stages provides a focus for marketers, sensory personnel and designers for developing food products that more closely meet end-user needs." (Bogue, 2006) The use of market-oriented research methodologies can provide information guiding new product development personnel on how to evaluate and refine new product concepts. The Marketing Manager will understand the needs of the customer and how to implement marketing strategies that highlight benefits...

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