Marketing Communications In The Travel And Tourism Sector

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(Q) Giving evidence to justify your choice, select a business sector in which advertising is heavily used as a marketing communications tool. With reference to theory and applied information, explain the extent to which other marketing communications tools are used - or may be used - to complement or indeed replace advertising in certain instances.Selected Business SectorFor the purpose of this report I have chosen to base my research on the travel and tourism sector.A competitive sector such as travel and tourism, which has a high degree of elasticity and is not an essential product to buy, requires skilled marketing to be able to raise awareness, communicate to the potential buying public and to persuade the prospect to become a customer.Executive SummaryAdvertising is one of the most important promotional tools, or marketing functions used in the implementations of marketing campaigns. Modern commercial advertising is the persuasive force that aims at changing customers' attitudes and pattern of behaviour to a product or service in ways, which would be favourable to the seller. This is necessary as the needs and wants of consumers continually change as they pass through the different economic stages of the family life cycle.The fall in consumer confidence in the travel and tourism sector has prompted the industry to launch specially designed marketing campaigns aimed at restoring confidence levels in the travel industry. (Ref: 1)The relative importance of advertising has been determined by the qualities it can add to a marketing campaign in the travel and tourism sector. Additional elements of the communication mix compliment advertising however they are not significant or effective enough to replace advertising within this sector.SectionsThe Macro EnvironmentIt is the environment, which shapes the marketing communications industry and its operations, as we know them today. Sectors need to adapt constantly in response to inevitable never-ending environmental change.As a result of the sector chosen, this report shall begin by taking on board the unusual conditions prevailing in 2001.The September 11th terrorist attacks in the United States of America produced an immediate decline in international travel.The problems involving tourism to and from the United States, and flying in general, were further intensified by the anthrax attacks and, on 12th November 2001, the accidental crash of a jetliner in New York City.The previous summer season for tourism in Europe was also marred by terrorist attacks in Spain, a disruptive coach drivers' strike also in Spain, and long delays at European airports.For domestic tourism the year's trading had already been severely affected, from the spring onwards, by foot-and-mouth disease, especially in the rural areas of Britain.A survey conducted by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) in November 2001 found that only 3% of consumers were not planning to travel abroad in 2002 because of the war on...

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